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Social Media for Craft Breweries

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Standing out from the chaotic competition in the craft beer digital social space can be difficult, as a plethora of competing brands and businesses vie for the attention of customers. But by staying true to your brand and business plan, using the various social media tools available, and having fun, you’ll gain huge and free exposure and you’ll develop a loyal audience.

Take Quality Photos

Sharing your products, great equipment pictures and some fun photos on social media is the first step to showing your brand is professional and noteworthy. High-quality photos can help you increase engagement with your customers and will showcase your products in the best possible light.

Great photos always come from professional equipment, so check your equipment before you start shooting. While most modern phones now have capable cameras that produce great results, investing in an affordable video-capable DSLR is often worthwhile in the long run. A brewery that loves to share is sure to get a lot of loyal customers.

Create An Editorial Calendar

With so much happening every day in a brewery, there may be no way to post information on social media for long. Plus, there’s always something to share in the brewery, and communicating with customers should be an easy process. So, you need to outline all the weekly events happening in your brewery and create a social media calendar to help you get things done. In addition to keeping your guests updated with the latest news, constantly updating your page will increase the reliability of your brand. But don’t be afraid to change your calendar at the last minute to take advantage of trending topics or events.

Share Behind-The-Scenes Footage

In addition to sharing professional content on social media, sharing some honest and humorous content may be the best option for your brand. Your employees created the company with you, and sharing their quirky behavior as they go about their day-to-day activities helps reflect the company culture. Not only that, but sharing photos and videos of the actual brewing process can engage guests in unprecedented ways, like adding hops to an upcoming IPA, or transferring a stout to a barrel. In addition, uploading some interesting videos can give customers a quicker and more comprehensive understanding of your brewery.

Create Video Content

Videos are now trending across all social platforms, allowing you to share an insider’s view of your brewery business. Whether it’s an in-depth look at a brew day or a brief look at what’s going on around the brewery, people love to experience your real-life moments. Using Facebook Live or Instagram Story is a great way to invite customers to follow the brewery’s day-to-day operations and product launches. Of course, you can also improve the quality of your videos by outsourcing them.


Tell Your Brand Story

Social media is the greatest channel for creativity and a great place to weave your brand’s story through photos, copywriting, video, and voice. It’s not something you can achieve with a single article, it’s about connecting your product over time with something much broader than the beer itself. You can communicate your brewery values through social media and let customers know about your brewery culture.

  • Tips For Telling A Brand Story

Think about the difference between your product and others on the market, try to focus on that, and expand on it. Your photos, the voice you use, the way you respond to customers, your posting schedule, etc. will all help build your brand story. Be mindful of the language and words your target audience uses and write them into your posts and drafts so your audience will feel like you’re part of their community.

Show Company Employees

Knowing the people behind the brand is also very important for customers. While the staff profiles and Q&A are very simple, they are very important to let your audience know who your brewery is made of. However, you need more than employee profiles or photos, there are a few other things you need to try.

  • Showcase The Skills Of The People Behind The Brand

Employee profiles aren’t the only way to let people know about your team. If you want, you can show customers a notebook or funny company email from your brewery, which will effectively illustrate that your brewery is full of warmth and humanity. Also, if you do have employee profiles, make sure the photos are high-quality and brand-compliant.

Interact With People

The keyword for social media is “social”. People don’t log in to be known that they’re “in”, but to pursue an interactive experience. Your brewery brand will meet this need and make the most of social media. Fans and customers look for answers about your company on social media, so when they ask a question, it’s important to respond promptly.

You can have a dedicated person responsible for answering or directing questions, concerns, and complaints on social media, providing top-notch customer service to your customers. Where possible, breweries should have policies in place for handling complaints and responding within 24 hours, in addition to responding to guests who leave positive reviews.

  • Tips For Interacting With Your Audience

(1)You also want to interact with other brands, but don’t be disparaging! Slandering people won’t make your brand look good.

(2)Bots are good for some things, but not for building authentic and interesting content on social media. If you want to stand out on social media, you probably need a human team.

(3)Not everyone you meet on social media is nice and there may be some hostile, angry, or dissatisfied customers talking about your brand among other interactions. You need to develop a plan for handling customer complaints online and train your social media team.

Connect To What Opened The Brewery

Just as social media users aren’t just concerned with likes and clicks, beer drinkers aren’t just concerned with beer. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the ethics behind the products they buy, and putting some effort into this is worth it. Some breweries give meaning to their message when they hold an event that not only connects their brand to a wider cause but also raises money for charity.

  • Links To Tips On Why You Started A Brewery

(1)Your brewery career should be a long-term commitment.

(2)You should be willing to dedicate your brand to your cause through advocacy, action, volunteering, or donations.

(3)It’s best if your brewery business can relate to your target market in some way.

(4)Choosing a charity partner can make it easier for you to achieve your goals, and of course, your brand will be more powerful.


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