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Multiple Combination of 15BBL Brewhouse System Isotonic Conical Bottom Fermentation Tank Near Me

Our beer brewery equipment consists of milling system, mashing system, fermenting system, cooling system, control system and CIP system, of which the capacity can be customized from 100L to 5000L. We provide turnkey project, with the advantage of low energy consumption, small space occupation and easy for operation. The equipment can be designed according to different flavor, production and capacity. We offer professional and complete service before, during and after your purchasing. 
fermentation tank manhole:
Element brand:
Cooling source:
  • DGET-15BBL

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description


SUS304,SUS316 or Red Copper


SUS,Mirror SUS, Luxury Red Copper


Dimple Plate

Heat insulation


Heating method

steam/electric/direct fire



Electric supply

3Phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz

Single Phase/220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz

or as special request

750 文章3-min

Heating method of mash system

There are mainly three different heating styles of brewhouse, steaming heating, electric heating and direct fire. The heating style influence the brewing technology, also brewhouse vessels design is different, mostly it depends on the situations you face.

steam heating

Brewhouse vessels usually fixed dimple jacket on the inner shell this way. Steam can provide the fastest kettle temperature ramp rates as a result of shear surface area contact, usually apply to the capacity brew system above 10bbl for best efficiency.

As the fastest heating source, steam jacketed kettles require large up-front brew house construction costs for the addition of specialized pressurized steam jackets, steam pipes, electric steam generator/boiler, and condensate returns.


  • Fast heat rate of large brewhouse construction.

  • When combined with gas fired boiler, you can get good (but not best) efficiency and low energy cost.

  • cEasier to clean compare to electric heating elements


  • Highest cost of brew kettles and heat source (boiler system).

  • Generally not very cost effective at a small scale.

  • Some countries’ local authorities require costly permits and inspections for operating steam generators/boilers, which can slow down your start-up timeline.


Electric heating

Electric heating vessels including a heating tube in the kettle, which ensures highest efficiency, 100% of heat generated is transferred to the water or wort predictable cost. It’s very common in the field of homebrew system and small commercial brew plants, also can more easily control the temperature.


  • High efficiency in small brewhouse.

  • No concerns about carbon monoxide or open flames or explosive gases.

  • Cost effective at 2 to 10 bbl Can be highly automated if desired.

  • Excellent control of the brewing process, temperatures.


  • Cost of electricity is typically higher than gas, but it is often offset by much better efficiency.

  • Up front cost is usually higher than gas fired, but lower than steam boilers and steam piping Your building needs to have enough amperage available to heat the kettles and operate everything else (varies according to the system size)

  • Electric kettles sometimes have slow temperature ramp speeds, which can prolong your brew days.

  • You need to get out the electric elements to clean when finish brewing.


Gas direct fire heating

Direct fire is a powered gas burner installed on the outside of the kettle which projects a forced-air flame onto a deflector plate or diffuser inside a fully contained fire box beneath the kettle. This design significantly reduces the risk of scorching and in-turn allows for greater control and kettle temperature ramp speed similar to a steam jacketed kettle.


  • Can be lowest up front cost to start a brewery.

  • Many brewers are accustomed to gas fired kettles.

  • Some brewers prefer the caramelization that can occur with gas fired systems.


  • Probably the highest long term cost – it is typically 25% to 50% efficient if in an enclosed space, you need to provide make-up air and provide an exhaust system(depend on the areas).

  • Some buildings will need fire suppression systems in somewhere, the emissions regulations and requirements on gas burners result in significant added costs and reduced efficiency. 

750 BW2-min

750 BW 细节-min

brewhouse system details

750 糖化细节-min

750 false bottom-min

false bottom:Stronger supporting to fix down the false bottom to meet beer brewing standard.

15BBL conical bottom fermentation tank main component

  • Manhole on the top head (standard).

  • Level Indicator (standard) for inner tank.

  • Vacuum/Pressure combined valve.

  • Tank top fittings, pressure gauge.

  • Optional : Pressure keeping valve with sight glass for controlling and monitoring fermenting process.

  • Built in rotary spray ball within the inner tank for cleaning.

  • 60-degree cone bottom with an average of 25% headspace.

  • Optional : Sanitary sampling valve, with the shortest connection on the tank, easily CIP cleanable.

  • Manual ball valve for easy glycol changing over thus temperature control.

  • Other customization possible upon request.

750 FV-min

If you have interest, get in touch with me freely.

Contact person: Kate

Email: kate@degonget.com

Call/Whatsapp: +86 187 6447 8001


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