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Mirror Finished And 2B Finished For Fermenter

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Thousands of fermenters are sold in our factory every year, of which less than 20% are finished with internal mirror. Let’s analyze it from the following aspects.

Beer tank treatment

If some customers like mirror polishing, our workshop will use mirror stainless steel to make the inner shell of fermenter. The mirror plate is polished and waxed on the basis of 2B plate. Mirror surface and 2B plate are directly purchased by well-known stainless steel manufacturers.

Beer tank polishing accuracy

  • Mirror polishing 0.1~0.2 μm;

  • 2B after polishing, pickling passivation is 0.2~0.4μm.

Aesthetic measure

Mirror polishing is smoother and more beautiful than 2B polishing.


Some changes in the welding process

Because our welder will weld the pit jacket on the inner shell and the back of the mirror or 2B plate. Sometimes, due to the high welding temperature, it is possible to have some small spots on the inner shell that are not obvious. For the 2B inner shell, the final step is pickling passivation to remove these spots and make the surface smooth.

However, pickling passivation of the inner shell of the mirror is not allowed to protect the initial mirror. So those spots are likely to stick around at the end, making it look like a funhouse mirror. In our workshop, the welding of mirror plate is done by most skilled workers.

The impact of beer quality

As we know from the above information, there is a step in the mirror polishing process called waxing. This wax is difficult to remove in a short time. It is very possible to stay in the tank and have some bad effects on the beer. There’s no wax or anything else that’s hard to clean on board 2B.

In summary, the mirror finish is smoother and beautiful, but it can also become bad. 2B polishing is more stable in the whole fermenter process, and the polishing accuracy of 0.2~0.4 is enough for beer fermentation. So more people choose 2B polishes to modify the inner shell of the fermenter.


2B polished fermenter

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