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Is the Bright Beer Tank Necessary?

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Many customer think the bright tank is not necessary since the fermentation tanks now is also the unitanks which can do maturation and add a carbonation stone to fill the CO2.

But is the bright beer tank necessary?

You know, when making beer, especially when making lagers, some brewers like to ferment beer in the fermentation tanks and mature it in the beer bright tanks. When maturing beer in bright tanks, they sometimes carbonate the beer using the carbon stone when the beer is lack of CO2.

Some brewers, especially when brewing ales, prefer to ferment and mature their beer just in the fermentation tanks, which requires a set of carbon stone on it. The maturation period of ales will not be long, so we think it would be better to use uni-fermentation tanks for brewing ales.

Question: If I have 6 recipes, how could I choose between the fermenters and bright beer tank?

Answer: Actually, one recipe needs one beer bright tank correspondingly. Given you will brew 6 recipes,we recommend the uni-fermentation tanks to you because compared with beer bright tank,it is efficient and economical for maturing your beer.

For producing high quality beer, lots of brewers think it does not matter much that you use beer bright tank or uni-fermentation tanks. Also if the carbonation stone in the fermentation tank, the yeast will fall on it. And it will not easy to clean the carbonation stone.

So in my opinion, if for ales, we can only use the fermentation tanks. And if for a lot of lager beer, we’d better have some bright tanks.Surly it also depends on the space scale and budget.

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