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How to Judge the Quality of Beer Equipment

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When it comes to the manufacture of beer, how to judge the quality of beer equipment? There is a lot of work to be done. From the equipment used in the manufacturing process to the actual ingredients, many factors can affect the finished product. Compared with industrial beer, craft beer has a more refined and tasteful core. With the quality lifestyle dominated by the middle class getting better and better.

For many beer lovers, starting their own brewery and creating their own products for the market is a desire. It’s understandable to try to judge the quality of beer making equipment since it plays a central role in beer brewing.

The Reputation Of The Manufacturer

One of the biggest factors in judging beer equipment is the reputation of the manufacturer. This is also related to the fact that the more well-known the manufacturer, the more reliable the device itself. And for good reason. Reputation itself is the result of providing quality products and services over a long period of time.

Production Capacity

Something that has to be considered is production capacity. This in turn will be based on the projected production capacity of the craft brewery itself, which tends to vary from unit to unit. Beer equipment has a variety of production capacities. From devices suitable for small homes to large industrial equipment. These mean that the production capacity of beer equipment may vary depending on the equipment in question.

Equipment Efficiency

Another issue that must be addressed is equipment efficiency. When it comes to fermentation, almost any airtight container can be used at the end of the day. Making alcohol is easier as long as it is isolated from the outside world. This is one side of the equation. Of particular importance here is that the process must be efficient. A brewery is a business, which means that the beer-making process must be carried out in an viable manner.

Equipment remains cost-effective and workable at all times. It should allow the alcohol formation process to proceed in a fast, uniform, and low-maintenance manner. All this adds up when it comes to the management and sustainability of a company’s revenue.

Product Quality

When buying anything, one should know that there is always a risk factor from one minute to catastrophic. This means that any brewer must guarantee the reliability of the product. When purchasing products, you can choose the appropriate style of beer equipment according to the daily output and brewing type, or you can choose according to your own business model.

  • Equipment Material

Brewing equipment includes brewhouse equipment, fermentation tanks, ice water tanks and other double-layer thermal insulation tank parts, valve body pipe fittings, etc. All are made of sanitary stainless steel.

The material of the inner tank must be made of food-grade materials, which are also divided into two categories: although 304 and 201 are both stainless steel, the cost can be reduced by 30%. The disadvantage of 201 stainless steel is obvious, it is easy to rust, which will affect the taste of beer.

Also, it depends on the material thickness of the equipment and whether the polishing in the equipment reaches the mirror level. If the thickness of the inner liner is too thin, the pressure will be lower. If the welding seam is not handled well, it is easy to leak air, which has a great impact on the quality of beer.

  • Energy Consumption

If the insulation layer is made of rock wool or other materials, the compressor power is small and the pipeline design is unreasonable. That would be very power-hungry, which would increase costs and lower profits.

  • Various Accessories

The quality of pipe fittings, valves, etc. in the market is uneven. The price is low, the quality is poor, and it will rust or leak in a short time. Delay production, and waste water, electricity and manpower. So pay attention to what you can see, and pay attention to what you can’t see.

  • Degree Of Automation

With the continuous integration of new information technology and manufacturing, intelligence has become one of the current development directions of beer brewing equipment. The combination of intelligence and beer brewing equipment realizes real-time monitoring and data collection of the entire process from the input of raw materials to the end of brewing. Realize the digitalization and intelligence of the beer brewing process. Not only helps to improve production efficiency, but also helps to improve beer quality.


Product Price

The price of beer equipment on the market is high and low. Good products should not talk about price, and low-end products should not talk about quality. Quality and price are proportional, and neither can be achieved at the same time. High Prices Sometimes we buy not products, but services. Problems in the operation of beer equipment can be solved , which is an efficient service team. If it causes losses to customers, it will be immeasurable.

Packaging And Space Efficiency

One of the most important overhead expenses that companies often deal with is the overhead of their premises. This includes the location of the factory itself, warehouses, various storage facilities, etc.

All this will add up to the final cost when it comes to financial viability. The reason for this is because the overhead of running a factory is usually more than almost anything else. It is important that the equipment takes up as little space as possible without compromising the final quality of the beer. This is especially a problem for the micro brewery, who are limited by what they can afford on the same equipment.

While there are certain restrictions on the size of any device, it can be addressed in an cheap way for the owner. The equipment under consideration should fit into the existing space without causing any problems.

Shipping And Logistics Costs

The fact that the device exists and will work for the company is great. But another problem that needs to be solved is logistics. Indeed, the beer industry has many equipment suppliers. But, there are some other considerations to take into account.

Considerations are logistical and transportation considerations. On the one hand it should be known that shipping costs tend to increase and often increase the final bill.

Another thing to add is if the device is imported from another country. Duties and taxes are usually due, which will again be added to the final bill. This means that if these factors are taken into account, the final cost of the device may increase several times.

So it’s always a good idea to buy equipment that can be obtained later in a lightweight way that serves the purpose without compromising the final quality of the beer.

Customer Service And After Sales

If almost everything you buy has one thing in common, it’s that they break down. If they do fail for some reason, the right person should be found to help with the problem. This is where things can go wrong. Getting equipment is one thing. But as important is being able to fix anything that goes wrong. Also the solution to the problem should be workable and not one should cost the business a fortune.

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