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Get Better Dry Hopping Effect in Fermenting Process

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In brewing and fermenting process, we need adding hops to add flavor. It can be added to kettle tun in boiling process or conical fermenter in fermenting process.

If adding hops to beer fermenter or storage tank directly, there will be insoluble hop components which will affect the clarification and subsequent filtration of the beer. The solution we suggest is that putting the hops in a bag and hanging it inside fermenter.

And please note several points as below:

  • The bag mesh should be fine, especially when using hops.

  • Pay attention to the disinfection of the hop bag. Although hops have natural antibacterial ability, but the bag does not, so, it is necessary and important to pay attention to the disinfection of bags.

  • The hop bag needs to be tied or fixed with a heavy object to prevent the bag from floating on the liquid surface.

To achieve the best extraction of hop aroma, you can use the method of “pre-dissolving hops”

Pre-dissolve hops can be achieved in beer or water, but beer or water must be anaerobic and completely demineralized. This suspension liquid with pre-dissolving hops can be added manually to a wine storage tank or pump into a wine storage tank. In either case, it needs to pay attention on avoiding oxygen.

In order to dissolve the hop particles more thoroughly, the process can be further improved to "popcorn particle circulation". Pre-dissolved hop leaves or hop pellets will be pumped into the storage tank and gently cycled for a certain period of time. The batching bin that pre-dissolves the hop pellets must be flushed with carbon dioxide to eliminate possible oxygen. The shearing force generated by the cyclic process increases the extraction of the aroma by intense contact with the beer.

The best repetition of hop aroma can be achieved by directly adding “hop oil”

Adding a certain amount of hop oil can get the desired hop aroma. Many types of hop oil are suitable for this purpose, and a large number of beer is known for its hop aroma.

Hop oil products are usually added before filtration. Due to the low concentration required, they are generally added during the beer flow before filtration, eventually resulting in a small amount of insoluble hop oil remaining in the filter. The biggest advantage of non-solid addition is the capture of a more even aroma in the beer.


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