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Exemplary 50Gallon(200L) Distillery Equipment Copper Head Column Customized Near Me

DEGONG Brewing Equipment Company offers a custom made distillation system, providing flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to create unlimited types and styles of liquors and spirits. Utilizing existing brewing equipment and materials, distillation equipment proves a fun and easy addition to any brewery. Now is a great time to enter the ever expanding craft distilling market! Sizes ranging from 250L up to 2,000L. Custom sizes and systems are available upon request. Steam Jacket Heating Options.
distillation column:
Heating method:
Control method:
  • DGET-200L

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

Examining from the technological side, we can say the following about the one-boiler equipment:

Every plate in the refinery column is functioning, as a separate refinery boiler, where the distillate will be completely condensed, then from the surface it will evaporate. According to the quality of the final product, it can be decided, how many plates in which extent should be used, because the plates can be switched on and off, and their intensity can be continuously changed. Through that a much wider separation can be achieved, through which the required aromas can be concentrated and preserved in the distillate and parallel to that the disturbing components can be detached from the final products. The disconnecting of the plates is also possible, so that the traditional, two-boiler distillation of the equipment should be used as well.

750 DIS2-min

Details of distilling equipment 

1-Cap: Made of cylindrical roller compacted copper. With foam catcher construction between the cap and the kettle, with installed washing head.  Custom-designed lenticular cap. By this plate effect the contact time will be longer between the vapor and liquid phase, creating a harder reflux.

750 DIS细节-min

2-Refinery column: with 3 refinery disc, with step less variable adjustment for the more careful gaining of the fruit aromas, by the refinery discs with two seeing glasses for each, with outside installed lightning, on top integrated – own developed – dephlegmator with increased copper surface. Controlling of the dephlegmator, with hydro-dynamic controlling system.

750 SS dis -min

stainless steel column

750 dis 细节图-min

copper column

3-Thermometers: on the cap, on the refinery column one per discs, on the dew pipe, on the input cooling water of dephlegmator, on the cooling water streaming away from the dephlagmator, on the liquor line.

750 DIS 细节-min

4-Hydrometer: For the measuring of spirit content between 0-100°, with Ø 100 mm glass covering.

750 DIS5-min

If you are interested in distilling equipment, please feel free to cotnact me directly.

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