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Common Microbrewery Questions

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If you want to be able to brew high-quality beer, please buy high-quality brewery equipment as your top priority. Brewing equipment is a place where beer is produced and a place where brewers can use their talents. Similarly, high-quality brewing equipment can also help brew delicious beer batch by batch, and it’s always the case.

Brewery equipment plays a vital role in the brewing process. Brewery equipment can help brewers to better complete the brewing process (grinding, saccharification, filtration, boiling, spin-down, cooling, fermentation, clarification, filtration, packaging). Excellent brewing equipment can ensure that no other problems will be encountered during the brewing process.

Common Microbrewery Questions

  • Install

We will mark numbers on the pipes of the brewery equipment, and you can connect the equipment through numbers. But, some customers often encounter unforeseen problems beyond professional knowledge. We can provide you with online installation technical guidance. If this is still very challenging for you, we can ask a local agent to help you with the installation.

  • Cleanliness

Using dirty brewing equipment is not a wise choice for any brewing method, but cleaning the equipment will cost time and money. We recommend using 304/316 stainless steel brewing equipment because they are easy to clean.

  • Temperature Consistency

When brewing beer, the temperature is another important part of the brewing process. Because beer is very sensitive to temperature during the brewing process, the beer must be heated to a precise temperature. Also, it is necessary to maintain the temperature within the set time range. This has higher requirements for the control system, and the automated control system can help you simplify the temperature control process.


  • Repeatability

When you brew a new style of craft beer, the first question you need to consider is whether the process can be repeated? If not, you will not achieve great long-term success. When purchasing brewery equipment, try to choose equipment that can meet all your requirements to ease the development of craft beer with new flavors. Of course, automation can help you take repeatability to a new level.

  • Capacity

Before opening the brewery, you need to carefully plan every component of the brewing operation. Combine time, cost, brewing requirements, and sales volume to develop a complete brewery plan. Otherwise, you may be bottlenecked.

  • Scalability

Does your device support expansion? This is a very important issue because many craft breweries have underestimated their sales and can only buy larger brewing equipment to meet them. You also need to consider the size of the equipment, it is recommended to choose equipment that is 50% larger than you expect. If you plan to buy brewery equipment from China, you also need to consider the production cycle and shipping schedule. The price of Chinese brewery equipment is more competitive, and equipment with the largest capacity possible can be purchased at a lower cost.

  • Learn Brewing Knowledge

Building a new microbrewery is a daunting task, especially if you have no previous experience in commercial brewing. If you have never worked in a brewery or have relevant direct experience, you recommend consulting with experienced brewers. Of course, you can also take courses with professional brewers, who can help you complete all the things you need to start the brewery. Brewing beer is a great industry worth participating in, but you must learn.

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