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China Beer Brewing Equipment 1000L Copper Brewery for Sale

The key brewery equipment is a fully welded appearance, high-quality equipment with no dead ends. The saccharification system is mainly composed of a mash pot, a colander, a vortex pot and so on. All systems are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel or copper that meets international standards.
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Product Description

1000L Copper Brewery for Sale

Advantages of using hop extract instead of standard hops

There are many good reasons to use hop extract as an alternative to standard hop infusion.

Hop extracts have been widely used in large commercial brewing markets for some time, but recently their popularity among the craft beer crowd has also increased significantly.

Generally speaking, the craft beer industry tends to "natural" solutions and products, because at least a considerable part of the perceived value of craft beer is based on the idea that brewers are committed to using high-quality raw materials—— If necessary-tedious process. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the craft beer industry was initially rather indifferent to hop extracts and switched to standard hops. However, over the years, many craft breweries have successfully experimented with hop extracts with remarkable results. Nowadays, people rarely (if any) worry about the artificial nature of hops extracts.

In fact, the use of hop extracts (for example, standard hop products in the form of granular hops) has many unique advantages worth considering. Let's take a quick look at some of these advantages.


  • Concentrated acids and oils ensure a longer shelf life and easier storage

Hop extract is essentially a concentrate of alpha acids and oils naturally present in hops. This concentrated acid and oil (in the form of hop extract) has a longer shelf life than standard hops because they will not be affected by plant degradation or potential bacterial contamination. In addition, hop extract can be stored in a smaller space, making it easier for brewers to maintain a "hop supply" in different seasons without encountering storage problems.


  • Last second adjustment is possible

Hop extract can be added to the wort boiling (same as standard hops) or after fermentation, depending on the specific type of hop extract you are using. Some hop extracts can be used later in the process, in fact, they can even be added to the finished beer to give it a bitter taste or special aroma. This allows the brewery to make last-second adjustments, which can be very valuable-for example, a small independent craft brewery may find that their latest batch of beer does not have enough bitterness, so it may add extra to the beer. Hop extract is added to the finished product in order to add the required bitterness to it.


20BBL copper brewing equipment

  • Hop extract ensures "clean bitterness"

Many brewers have discovered that hop extract adds a distinct and unique bitter flavor profile to beer than standard hops—in fact, they often describe this flavor as "pure bitterness." Many use hop extracts to obtain a "clean bitter" flavor profile.

  • Reduce wort waste

The use of hop extract may result in a reduction of wort waste, because the wort will not be absorbed and absorbed by the physical structure of the hops (such as flowers or particles) added to the wort boiling. Hop extract avoids this waste because the extract is not "removed" from the wort (nor from the finished beer).


Stainless steel fermentation tank

DEGONG has a professional manufacturing factory, a good quality and service control system, and is produced by skilled workers with rich experience. We hope to establish good business relations with customers through sincere contact and cooperation. The company's aim is to supreme quality and credibility, and sincerely welcome domestic and foreign partners.


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