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Chillers for beer brewing systems

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Chiller is an important component in whole beer brewing system. DEGONG choose water-cool style chiller which outputs glycol water directly, but not Freon. Chiller attach with glycol water tank and glycol water pump, to form a whole glycol cooling system.

When chiller is working, it will release hot air and noise. Concerning that, most customers prefer to put chiller outside of room.   In this condition, a protective cover needs to be put on chiller to avoid rain erosion. It is simple.

But at the same time, we should pay much attention to your local winter temperature. The most suitable working temperature for chiller is above -15 C degree. If below this degree, the chiller even will not work properly. In this condition, you have to put chiller in room. A big air exhaust fan is necessary to be installed in the room.  To be honest, the cooling system makes a little noise when it is working, but it is in the reasonable range. We choose top quality compressor in chiller, such like Emerson.

No matter put chiller in room or outside of room. It is better than match with 2 chillers in a larger beer system. Because 2 chillers can work alternatively, then expand chillers’ life time.

That is just the voice of experience. Welcome to visit DEGONG website for more detailed information.


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