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Can the 1000 liter beer equipment use electric heating?

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For the heating of the beer brewery equipment, it can be electric or steam heating for the brewhouse. For the electric heating, usually it is used for the system that is smaller than 500L.

For 1000L system, most customer would choose the steam heating because of the following reasons:

  • Steam can heat evenly and fast.

  • The temperature can be controlled easily.

  • Also it won’t scorch the pot. It is good to use for it heat evenly and easy to control temperature especially for above1000L mashing unit. The electric type has a risk of scorch.

  • Source can be various: electric, gas, diesel etc. So you can choose the cheapest one.

  • The 3 tanks in brewhouse can all be made to heat by steam while the electric pipe can only heat by two tanks(kettle and hot liquor tank). In this way, you could not heat in the mash tun and can only get hot water from kettle or hot liquor tank.

  • The kettle and whirlpool are in one tank, if we equip with electric pipe in this tank, it will hinder the whirlpool effect.

  • The kettle will need about 55Kw Heating and the hot liquor tank will need 30kw heating. So totally it is about 85kw only for them. You will need more than 100kw electric installed.

  • There will be a lot of heating pipes in the tank and it is not easy to clean it.

So according to the above, we do advise you choose the steam heating.

It is true that the steam boiler cost is always very high and also needs professional installation. But it is worthwhile in a long run.

But if you really like the electric heating type, we can also make. But it does not so good as steam heating. The cost for the tanks of these two heating ways is same. Surely it will save the cost of steam boiler. And it is no problem to have electric heating for smaller systems like 200L, 300L, 500L.

What do you think?


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