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Built 3-vessel Brewhouse System 7BBL Complete Beer Brewing Line with Beer Fermenter for Sale

Stainless steel 3 vessels brewhouse which is reasonable beer brewing equipment that can use it to make craft beer, and it is the best seller brewing equipment for the customer who are from America, European, and other countries. They use it in brewery, restaurant, brewpub, catering centers. And as the time went by, they have made a good earnings, and become the professional brew master.
fermentation tank manhole:
Heating method:

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

Our beer brewing equipment include malt crushing system, mashing system, fermentation system, cooling system, CIP cleaning system, controlling system, packaging system and all complete set of bar selling system, or Micro beer brewery. We could provide customization service, OEM service. Different type of equipment configuration combination could be made as per customer's requirement.

750 套图-min

                                                                  7BBL EQUIPMENT LIST
Milling system

Mill machine

Grist hopper

Screw conveyer


Mashing system

Mash tun

Lauter tun


Whirlpool tun

Heat exchanger

Wort pump

Steam boiler

Other accessories are available:

1. Sanitary pump, pipeline and valves;2. Operating platform;3.thermometer;4.plate heat exchanger;5. spray ring 6.raker 7.Venruri tube

Fermentation system

Fermentation tank

Yeast dosing tank

Other accessories are available:

1. CIP pipe; 2. Ladder hooker; 3. Hop inlet; 4. Lifting ears; 5.Sample valve and butterfly valve; 6. Solenoid valve; 7. Cooing pipe

Cooling system

Glycol tank

Refrigeration machine/Refrigerator

Pump, pipeline and valves

CIP system

Sterilization tank

Alkali tank

Pump and valve

Control panel

Control system

Mashing control panel

Fermenting control panel

Refrigerating control panel

750 BW-min

750 FV-min

Standard features

1. Custom 2, 3, 4 vessels brewhouse system

2. Material: Food grade stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316 according to your request.

3. Insulation: 75mm rock wool or Ceramic Fiber Blanket

4. Available production capacity from 100L-10,000L or 1-100BBL

5. Round glass manways for malt feeding and observation.

6. Dimple plate steam jacket on the inner shell for heating.

7. Sanitary spray ball for cleaning

8. PT100 sensor for temperature measurement

9. PU liquid level indicator

10. Sanitary butterfly valves for pipeline connecting

11. False bottom gap width≤0.9mm

12. High speed round washing pipe for spent grain washing

13. Side grist exhaust port and dismountable grist slope

14. 4 heavy stainless-steel legs with leveling foot pads

15. Horizontal worm gear reducer mounted on the top seal cap

16. Custom layout for your brewery and area restriction.

17. Sanitary high temperature tolerance centrifugal pump

18. Semi-automatic controlling cabinet

19. Working platform with skid proof stainless steel plate and handrail

20. Steam exhaust pipe

750 mash 细节-min

750 equipment 细节-min

75 FV 详情-min

If you are interested in beer equipment, get in touch with me freely.

Contact person: Kate

Email: kate@degonget.com

Call/Whatsapp: +86 187 6447 8001


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