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Brewery production capacity

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Starting your own brewery can be a very demanding venture and a big investment, so it is important to set some goals and to have a very clear idea of what you want before you purchase your equipment.

Do you want to open your own brewery and take your hobby to the next level, making it profitable? Will the brewery only be used for beer production or do you plan on also having your own tap room? Do you already have `a food service establishment and would like to add your own beer to your existing offer?

The amount of wort made with one batch

Find out how much wort can be produced with one batch. With each system, it takes approximately 7 to 8 hours to complete a single batch. The design of the brewhouse does not play a significant role in this case, as this is the time it takes to carry out all the processes that occur inside the brewhouse: heating the water, mashing, lautering, adding hops and transferring the wort into the fermentation tank.

Beer needs its time and space to properly and successfully mature.

Number of batches in 24 hours

Still, the amount of wort made with one batch does not completely determine the capacity of a brewery. Why?

  • You can finish more than one batch per day.

  • Some brewhouse designs enable simultaneous process execution in separate tanks, so it is possible to start mashing a new quantity of malt even before the wort has been transferred from the kettle into the fermentation tank (knock-out). Consequently, the total time needed to complete two batches is substantially reduced. So make sure you find out how many batches per day can be made with a brewhouse, if you carry out multiple brewing processes at the same time.

Number of fermentation and maturation tanks at disposal

There is a big difference between the capacity of a brewhouse and that of a brewery. A large brewhouse capacity is no use if you do not have a suitable amount of storage units, which is what ultimately determines the brewery's capacity. You can only make as much wort as you are able to transfer into fermentation and maturation tanks. Beer needs approximately 3 to 4 weeks to mature, depending on the type.


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