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Brand New Design 1000L Gin Copper Distillery | Distillation Equipment Manufacturers

Gin is one of the world famous wines. It has a fragrant and attractive aroma, is colorless and transparent, and has a fresh and refreshing taste. It can be drunk alone or mixed with cocktails, and it is the only indispensable alcohol in the preparation of cocktails.
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Product Description

1000L Gin Copper Distillery

People often drink gin. Have you ever wondered how gin is made? We have a distillation process to thank our favorite spirit-but how does it work? Let us fully understand the delightful distillation, which is the magical science of making gin from water, alcohol and botanicals!

The history of distillation is long and glorious-in fact, you can say that it was paved with gold! There is evidence that the Babylonians had a rough grasp of the distillation process more than 3,000 years ago, and they did not keep secrets. By the 1st century BC, ancient civilizations in China, Pakistan, and Europe were being refined, including the ancient Romans. Thanks to alchemy, the science of distillation has been further developed. This discipline—between science and mysticism—is entirely concerned with turning materials into gold.

Advanced technology enabled the distillation of later spirits. The first book on distillation was published by the Germans in 1500, but at that time the process was used to make perfume or medicine. Only 100 years later, people began to pay attention to the idea of drinking for pleasure. However, in the 19th century, the modern form of distillation was born!


Step 1: Get your device

The distiller works on the distiller and can be a tank distiller (the oldest type of distiller) or a column distiller. This is a complex machine with columns extending all the way to the ceiling. The distiller is connected to the condenser (the container through which the cooling water passes), and the condenser is connected to the barrel to collect the finished distillate.

Step 2: Clean your distiller

Your distiller must be thoroughly cleaned before each distillation. After all, you don't want the dirt from the last distillation to mess up your gin!


Step 3: Add alcohol and botanicals

There are many unique distillation techniques, which are usually developed by the distiller after months and years of experimentation. But the basic principle remains the same: first add the botanical and basic alcohol (also called "neutral alcohol") to the body of the still. This spirit is a fermented alcohol, usually made from grains, and has no added flavor. It is a mixture of water and pure alcohol.

Step 4: Heating

The heat source—some distillers use an open flame, while others use a furnace or electric heat source—start heating the bottom of the distiller. Alcohol starts to boil at 73 degrees Celsius, while water does not boil until 100 degrees Celsius. This means that the alcohol in the neutral spirits will turn into gas and start to rise, while most of the water stays at the bottom of the still.

Step 5: Cooling and capturing

As a gas, the alcohol moves upward through the distillation head, or the top of the tank still, or the column of the still. It then passes through a condenser filled with cold water, where it cools and turns back into liquid. The final distillate drips into the barrel, where the distiller can decide whether to keep it or return it to the distiller for a second round of distillation to become a higher concentration of water and alcohol solution.


Red Copper Continuous Distiller

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