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America Mid-sized craft beer brewing 10bbl brewery equipment

We can support your business step by step, from brewing beer to the finished drink. We are perfectly familiar with technological requirements of beer brewing, and so we can provide our customers with reliable equipment that will enable them to obtain a quality end product – beer with top quality body and full flavor.
Heating source:
  • DGET-10BBL


  • 8438400000

Product Description
Mid-sized craft brewery equipment
Grain handle options:Grain Mill;Grain Auger;Grist Case
Mash Tun Lauter Tun  Kettle Whirlpool
Mash Tun Steam Jacket Combined Mash/Lauter Tun

Steam Jacketed Kettle

Combined Kettle/Whirlpool
Kettle Agitator
Hot Liquor with Steam Jacketed /Direct Fired
 PLC Automation Portable CIP/Transfer Pump on Cart
Cellaring options: Fermentation Tanks & Bright Beer Tank
CCTs Jacketed & Insulated BBTs Jacketed & Insulated
Cooling options:Glycol tank;cold liquor tank; Chiller 


Brewhouse system 3vessels


Brewhouse system 2vessels 

DEGONG can provide at least the following support, if you have other needs, we will also make it for you.

  • Custom Brewhouses 3BBLs-100 BBLs (2, 3, 4 Vessel Configurations)

  • Cellar Tanks 3BBLs-100 BBLs(fermenting vessels and brite tanks)

  • Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks

  • CIP Systems

  • Boilers(If the steam heating will be required,steam boiler are needed)

  • Heat exchanger & Unit Chillers

  • Control Systems(semi-automatic or PLC control)

  • Portable Pumps & Flow Meter(optionals)

  • Installation Support Services

Red copper brewery equipment can be optional,as below

red copper002-min

Brewhouse system 2vessels with copper cladding

Brewhouse system Specifications:

Available capacity of 3bbl to 100bbl system

Optional heating style of steam, electric and direct fire for brewhouse tanks

Custom engineering of brewhouse layout with brew deck

Auto PLC control panel be available for certification of CE requirements

VFD controlled reducer and wort pump

Assembly sanitary rotary spray balls for cleaning

Polyurethane full insulated 70-100mm

Temperature sensor(RTD) in a thermowell

Rake and mash agitator assembly with top/bottom reducer

False bottom for lauter tank

Grist hydrator with strike water mixing station

Plate heat exchanger for cooling wort

Independent hot liquor tank or combine with brewhouse tanks

Stainless steel 304 construction

2D/3D engineering for brewery set up simulation

For example:

2-vessel brewhouse: A combined mash/lauter tun + a kettle/whirlpool combination vessel + HLT (Hot Liquor Tank).

3-vessel brewhouse:mash/lauter tun+kettle+whirlpool tun;mash tun+lauter tun+kettle/whirlpool tun;

4-vessel brewhouse: Mash tun; lauter tun; brew kettle; whirlpool vessel(if necessary,a hot liquor tank can be equipped for delivering brewing efficiency).


Equipped 10bbl or 20bbl Fermentation tanks with insulation

Fermentation tanks specifications:

Capacity available from 1bbl, 5bbl, 7bbl,10bbl, 20bbl, 30bbl fermenter to 100bbl

SS 304 construction

Top dished head with pressure vacuum relief valve

Top manway or side shadowless manhole

Dry Hopping port with cap

Sanitary rotary spray ball

PU foam insulated

Cooling jacket on cylinder and cone bottom

Dimple jacket to ensure good fermentation

CIP arm assembly with bung valve and pressure gauge

Sanitary thermowell

Sample Valves

Cone racking arm

60 degree cone bottom Bottom discharge

Four legs adjustable feet

Available pressure certificates of PED for 2014/68/EU etc


Fermentation tanks details: conical 60 degree;racking arm

Contact Alice today

Microbrewing, craft brewing or commercial large brewhouses, we have the equipment, supplies & install engineers. Looking to find bottling lines and tanks for sale we have that covered.

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