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Activation method of beer yeast

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Yeast is the basic raw material for brewing beer, which has a decisive impact on the flavor of beer. In the beer brewing process, the methods of adding yeast include adding and adding activated yeast through a yeast adder. Let me introduce to you the activation method of yeast commonly used in Medell's small beer equipment.

1. Before the operation, place the strain in the cryovial at room temperature, and after the internal medium reaches room temperature, shake it evenly; for aseptic operation, transfer all the culture solution in the cryovial into a test tube containing 5 mL of culture medium, and at 25 Incubation at ±1°C for 72±2 hours.

2. Gently shake the culture medium in the test tube evenly, use an inoculating loop to pick up the three rings and add it to another test tube containing 5 mL of medium, and incubate at 25±1°C for 24-36 hours.

3. Gently shake the culture medium of the test tube after the culture is completed, connect 0.1 mL of the test tube with 10 mL of medium with a sterile pipette, and incubate at 25±1°C for 24-36 hours after shaking evenly.

The above is the method of yeast activation. After the yeast is activated, it can be added to the beer fermentation tank.

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