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Why are more and more people choosing this kind of beer?

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At present, the beer market is getting better and better, so many people's choice of beer will also increase. For occasions such as bars and restaurants, craft beer has now become their first choice. Why are more and more people choosing craft beer now?

The reasons for the popularity of craft beer are:

First, the taste is good

The taste of craft beer is often richer and more unique. Compared with dull industrial beer, craft beer retains the flavor of the raw materials to the greatest extent in the brewing process.While craft breweries tend to invest a lot of time and energy to improve the flavor of beer, industrial breweries spend a lot of time and energy on marketing.

Two, many choices

As mentioned earlier, the taste is good, but sometimes people who taste craft beer for the first time don't feel this way. Home-brewed beer equipment even thinks that craft beer is harder to drink than industrial beer.The reason for this result is mainly because there are many kinds of craft beer, with different flavors and styles, and it is inevitable to drink a style that you don't like.However, as long as you are willing to try more styles, you will definitely find a wine that will amaze you.

3. Real materials

The main materials of craft beer are often relatively simple, malt, hops, yeast and water.In the selection of the origin of raw materials, home-brewed beer and craft beer are often happy to use the freshest raw materials grown and produced locally.When you walk into a craft distillery for a visit, you can observe, smell and even taste these raw materials, because the winemakers in the craft distillery often have absolute confidence in their raw materials; for industrial distilleries, they often choose some cheap raw materials in order to save costs, such as corn and rice instead of malt, and these raw materials are often regarded as trade secrets and will not be easily obtained by outsiders.


4. Rich nutritional value

Unlike ordinary industrial beer, the raw materials of craft beer are often fresher and richer.The oxidation rate of fresh malt is low, and the equipment for home-brewed beer has more nutrients; the richness of raw materials is reflected in two aspects, one is that the proportion of raw materials is higher, which is why the concentration of raw wort in craft beer is higher than that of industrial beer, and the variety of raw materials is rich. A craft beer often uses a variety of malts and hops, so the nutrients are often richer and more comprehensive.

Craft beer uses real materials to make the taste more unique, and it is also popular with more and more people because of its rich nutrition and many choices. Craft beer will be a trend of development in the future.

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