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Turnkey 600L/1200L Craft Beer Brewing System 2/3-vessel Mashing System Electric/steam Heating Double-wall Ss304/316 Fermentation Tank Near Me

Brewing a beer is easy, but there’s a whole lot of science, craftsmanship, and patience that goes into every drop. With the runaway popularity of small-batch craft beer and home-brewing, more and more people are discovering the mysteries of beer-making. So what goes into making your favourite beverage? The basic principles of brewing are simple, but coaxing different flavours out of the brew is an art, and the possibilities are endless.
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  • DGET-1200L

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  • 843840000

Product Description

Turnkey beer brewing system overview

If you’re looking for hygienic stainless steel beer equipment, you have come to the right place! Why buy a equipment from someone who only understands fabrication? We understand both the fabrication and tank process system optimisation. We would love to assist you in finding the best stainless steel beer equipment online for your application.


                                                          Turnkey beer brewing system
Grain milling unit Rolling miller 300-500 kg/h,double roller
Brewhouse unit

Mash tun/boilng tank

Lauter/whirlpool tank

optional: hot water tank

With the mixer inside

Gas heating function

Grain rake with VFD

Laser cutting V-wire false B

Fermentation & Bright Beer Tank Unit 600L/1200L beer fermenter

Glycol cooling jacket on cone and bottom;

Side manway;

CIP arm and CO2 blow off arm;

Germany import Kieselmann Mechanical relief valve;

Shockproof pressure gauge;

Rotating racking arm;

Dry hopping port;

Carbonation stone;

Sight level.

Glycol unit glycol tank

Insulated conical top and sloped bottom

Dimple plate on side wall

Control unit

Brewing and fermetation process controlling Manual button control panel or PLC control with touch screen for special
CIP unit

alkali tank

Sterilization Tank

Electric heating element inside


The main features for our brewing system

Mashing system : it is the semi-automatic machine with separated power controller which is fixed near to this system to be convenient to operate it , the heating process is automatic with 5 phase program inside ; this brewhouse can brew 2-3 times per day , the hot water absorbed from the wort heat exchanger can be reused to save the energy.

Fermentation system : Automatic cooling system with whole stainless steel cooling pipeline which will be more durable during the operation , the cooling jacket adopts dimple welding with better cooling function , the chiller compressor with Copland brand .

The material adopts stainless steel Korea Pohang Brand , the polish can be 0.4UM with professional polishing machine .The welding adopts arc argon protection welding without any leakage with 48 hours pressure and water testing .

The optional elements : we can also offer Siemens / ABB motor and pump , Danfoss speed frequency device and CIP pump ,Schneider electric elements inside of the power cabinet with international repair function .

We can also offer installation & debugging service , also you can make the installation according to our CAD and 3D drawing , since all the pipeline adopt stainless steel SUS304 pipeline with ferrule connections . Our installation is quick and easy to operate .

Our quality guarantee for the tank is 3 years , 1 year for the electric elements , during this time we will change all the destroyed elements for free , we also match the enough auxiliary fittings for you.


If you are interested in beer equipment, get in touch with me freely.

DEGONG downroad


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