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The wine has expired?Don't waste it!

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As we all know, every item has a certain shelf life. Food after the shelf life expires is inedible, but let's not rush to throw it away. Maybe it has a great effect in other ways. Let's talk about the use of expired beer today.

1. Keep fresh flowers: Beer can also keep fresh flowers, because beer contains ethanol, sugar and other nutrients. Adding a little beer to the container where the flowers are placed can extend the shelf life of the flowers.

2. Cleaning silk fabrics: Washing silk clothes with beer can make the clothes smooth, bright in color, and restore their original appearance. Introduction: Silk fabrics often have dark and old colors due to frequent washing or improper cleaning.First pour the beer into cold water, then soak the cleaned clothes in, soak for about fifteen minutes, remove and then rinse and dry.The original bright color will be restored to its original appearance.

3. Wipe the refrigerator and remove odors: Wipe the refrigerator with a cloth stained with beer, which can decontaminate, sterilize, and remove odors from the refrigerator. After wringing the beer-stained towel dry, the home-brewed beer equipment wipes the surface of the refrigerator. Not only will the refrigerator appear extremely bright, clean and refreshing, but it can also play a role in disinfection and sterilization.

4. Flower cultivation and flower protection: beer is slightly acidic, which can regulate the pH of the soil and make acid-loving flowers grow more luxuriant. Mix one-third of the beer with two-thirds of the water, and gently scrub the leaves of the flowers with a soft cloth dipped in the mixed beer liquid. One can wipe away dust, and the other can fertilize the foliage. For example, clivia, the leaves after being scrubbed are very shiny, which adds a bit of ornamental value. This is mainly because the nutrients in the beer are dissolved on the surface of the leaves.Pouring the remaining beer directly into the flowerpot is still an excellent fertilizer, because the enzymes contained in the beer will make the flowers grow luxuriously, and the home-brewed beer equipment will make the flowers more vivid and moving.

5. Shampoo and hair care: Beer contains barley and hops. Beer shampoo for home-brewed beer equipment can make hair supple, shiny, and anti-dandruff. After washing your hair with shampoo, add expired beer to the water and use it to soak or rinse your hair. The barley and hops contained in the beer will bring certain nutrients to the hair and will make the dried hair shiny.


6. Clean the glass: Beer is a colloidal solution. Wiping the glass with a rag dipped in beer will not only make the glass exceptionally bright, but will not leave the fibers of the rag after wiping the glass. If the window glass is dirty, you can dip the towel with some beer, wring it out and wipe it, and then wipe it with a clean rag. The glass will be extremely bright.This is because after wiping the glass with beer, the alcohol in the beer dissipates, making the glass crystal clear.

7. Add color to clothes: Soaking dark-colored clothes in water with beer can make the clothes soft and restore their original color.New clothes are not easy to decolorize after soaking. When we wash our clothes, add some beer, soak the clothes for 15 minutes and then wash them. It will not only make the clothes softer, but also restore some dark cotton clothes that are easy to fade to their original color.

Generally, the shelf life of commercially available beer is 12 months, and the shelf life of bulk beer is only a few days, especially in summer. The shelf life is shorter.The various acids contained in beer that exceed the shelf life can easily oxidize and polymerize with protein, making the beer turbid; or due to poor water quality, it is fermented by microbial pollution during filling, becomes sticky and rancid, and can easily cause diarrhea and other symptoms after drinking.

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