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Compact Red Copper Brewhouse System-Brewing Beer Equipment for Sale

The brewery adopts the traditional compact two-tank design, which fully meets all the requirements of the restaurant brewery and aims to satisfy customers and suppliers with each other. Traditional brewery layouts, many of which are subordinate to design, are important for marketing purposes.
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Product Description

Compact Red Copper Brewhouse

From a practical point of view, it is more appropriate that the saccharification chamber consists of three independent containers, which can be easily accessed from a central platform. This is why the functional industrial combination of breweries is more suitable for all breweries where ergonomics and convenience are the key points. In addition, our customers will not pay for the purposeless design elements of the saccharification plant that do not affect the effectiveness of the production process.

Therefore, as an alternative to the classic design brewery, we provide an industrial brewery equipped with an industrial beer wort machine, which consists of three independent tanks and is the basic equipment for efficient beer production. These breweries are designed to ensure that beer is produced in the most economical way, and that the owners and suppliers of the brewery obtain the best value through reasonable investment.


500L Copper Bar Brewery

As part of the industrial brewery, the wort brewing machine is an ideal solution for beer producers. They hope to benefit from the advantages of the above-mentioned functional design of the brewery and have enough space to place all beer components.

The industrial brewing wort machine consists of a saccharification tank, a filter tank, a whirlpool and a laboratory pool, and of course a sample cooler, pumps and pipes, which are located on a single platform surrounding the public access center platform. In addition, the machine includes a switchboard and, in the case of an automatic version, a control computer.

Since all winery containers can be easily maintained through one platform, the brew master can continuously control the entire brewing technology without frequent movement in the winery. Advanced brewery ergonomics helps to minimize and eliminate losses caused by human error during operation. Finally, it saves the wallets of customers who do not pay for non-functional design elements, and obtains the best quality in the field of small and medium-sized breweries.


Fermentation and storage room

Compared with independent tanks, the integrated brewery solution has a further advantage in terms of significant space saving (conversion rate per hectoliter of beer produced).

It uses traditional ingredients (malt, hops, water and yeast) and is produced by maceration or decoction. If necessary, you can also prepare wort from malt concentrate. Unlike most foreign products, the brewery is optimized for the production of high-quality lagers, but can produce it without restricting all types of beer based on bottom or top fermentation methods.

If the decoction method is used for production, the brewery can produce up to 2 batches within 24 hours a day, or the brewing method can produce up to 3 batches within 24 hours. If the concentrate is used to prepare wort, the production capacity can be increased to 4 batches within 24 hours.


Copper distillation equipment

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