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8BBL Red Copper Hotel Beer Equipment Commercial Brewing Tanks

In most brewery equipment, the materials of brewing tanks such as breweries, fermentation tanks or strong beer tanks are stainless steel 304, which is sufficient for some large industrial brewery projects, and the cost of constructing new ones is also low. But for customers who are looking for beauty, copper is more in line with the requirements.


Product Description

8BBL Commercial Brewing Tanks

Using copper instead of stainless steel can make our winemaking equipment look great, so that everyone who has seen them will not forget its beauty and high quality. DEGONG has enough experience to make a perfect brewery copper tank. Even better suggestions can be given and progress can be made on the construction of the brewery project. So let's see how Yulong does this.

Prepare the copper plate

To produce a good-looking copper beer can, the first step is to roll up the copper plate and then weld it. It requires deep protection of the surface and must work on the ground with soft materials on it. Then comes the mechanical polishing step. Make our copper plate smoother. Manual polishing is also easier.


Welded with stainless steel head

A good welder is inseparable from good quality. DEGONG has many years of welding experience. We have more than a dozen welders, especially in brazing.

It is not the same as stainless steel welding. Stainless steel beer copper tanks require higher skills to master the welding time. The welding temperature of the two materials is different, and experienced welders can avoid weak welding or excessive melting. No matter which problem it is, it is the biggest cause of poor quality. If you need extra time and cost to repair any parts, it is always upset. So choosing DEGONG's equipment is a better decision for you.


Assembled on the copper tank of the brewery

Copper is a soft material. If there is not enough support, the copper beer can can't keep its round shape. In order to maintain high quality and beautiful round appearance, DEGONG design adds extra support on the tank. In some connection ports, we pay special attention to careful manufacturing and choose the best solution according to the requirements of different breweries and different customers.

Make holes for each port and manhole. You have to work carefully, copper is more expensive, but once the manufacturing process goes wrong, it is difficult to do any repair work. DEGONG has a complete standard work process to ensure that our workers follow the same operating steps, which is the premise of consistent quality.


Copper fermentation tank

Complete the perfect brewery copper tank

DEGONG has rich experience in polishing fermentation tanks, sake tanks and any other beer copper equipment. When our work team is doing this work, we always consider every detail to achieve perfection. We not only pursue quality, but also have high standards for appearance. Located in high-end boutique projects, beer copper cans must show our customers the difference from breweries and gain more people's attention. It then helps to improve the performance of your beer bars, hotels and breweries.


Copper distillation equipment

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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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