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7BBL 800L Craft beer brewing system easy to operate German beer production sus304/316 or red copper affordable price

Degong beer brewing equipment German beer production technology design, the appearance can be made of stainless steel and copper processing. The pipes and valves between the whole set of equipment are connected by health-grade fast connectors. Degong beer brewing machinery is convenient to disassemble, assemble, move and transform.
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Product Description

A set of professional and perfect craft beer brewing equipment mainly includes: grinding system, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, cleaning system, liquor selling system, control system and auxiliary system.



Degong craft beer brewing equipment is the best choice for hotels, restaurants, bars, night markets, beer city and other restaurants to produce their own beer. It allows guests to see the whole process of beer brewing.



Degong equipment advantage

1-Easy to operate and humanized design, only 2 brewers are needed, which saves precious human resources for users.

2-Different beer raw materials can be allocated according to customers'requirements. 100% of the manufacturers import pure beer raw materials for a long time. The exclusive supply channel chain is convenient and fast, and the price is stable. It can be provided for a long time.

3-Beer brewing production is pollution-free, noise-free, formaldehyde-free and any other chemical additives. It is safer for customers to drink.




Q:How to install craft beer brewing equipment?

A:We can entrust the video of installation, email, picture. If large project, we can arrange the worker help you to install it in your country.

Q:What kind beer can you brew with your craft beer brewing equipment?

A:UT equipment can brew more than 8 kinds of beer.Such as Ale beer, Wheat beer, Barley beer, Extra strong beer, Green beer, Black beer, white beer, etc. in accordance with your taste.

Q:Could you help to arrange the shipment?

A: Yes, we could help to arrange the shipment with free insurance.

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