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600L Beer Brewery Equipment Mirror Polish 100% TIG Welding 2-vessel Brewhouse for Beer Production

Custom-built to fit each brewer’s individual needs. Our staff works with you on everything from defining your optimal brewery layout, to designing the setup and size of your brewhouse and tanks. Custom-piping? No Problem. Low ceiling or cramped quarters, there’s a design solution for that. Most importantly, every brewhouse is built with 304 Stainless Steel and uses famouse motors, so they are as durable and hard-working as you are. Further, every brewhouse goes through a comprehensive quality control inspection before it leaves our Factory, where everything, including the inside of the piping, is inspected.
fermentation tank cooling:
Heating method:
  • DGET-600L

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

Brewery equipment feature

  • Automatic /semi-automatic operation system ,need one or two brewer operate

  • with our equipment you can make different kinds beer such as ale,lager, IPA, stout beer and so on

  • we have different capacity from 50L to 10000L per batch , our brewery equipment approved CE, ISO,TUV certificate

  • Installation/Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English.



Beer brewing process

Malt mill machine

The two roller mill crushes the malted barley to the desired coarseness.


The hopper is used to hold the entire brew strength of grist (malt after milling)

Hot water tank

Used to recover energy and heat the water (liquor) needed for recirculation and sparging water onto the grain bed to convert starches to sugar.

Mash / Lauter Tun

Used to combine grist and hot water. A false bottom is then used to extract the clear wort from the malted barley. The spent grains left over can be used for animal feed.

Boiling/whirlpool tun

The wort is boiled to a desired specific gravity and hops are added for flavor and bitterness. After boiling the wort is whirlpooled to collect soluble proteins (trub) in the center of the kettle. The clear wort is then pumped through the heat exchanger and into the fermenter.

Plate heat exchanger

Using city water and/or cold propylene glycol as cooling mediums the wort is cooled to acceptable fermentation temperatureFermentation system

Fermentation / Aging Vessel (open, closed or Unitank style)

The wort is pumped into this vessel and added to the previously pitched yeast and allowed to ferment (typically 3 to 7 days). The fermentation tank can be used as an aging tank or the beer can betransfered to a separate vessel for the aging period (typically 10 to 20 days).



600L beer equipment main technical parameters

2 vessel: mash/lauter tank & kettle/whirlpool tank

Material: Stainless steel 304/316

Interior thickness: 3.0mm

Exterior thickness: 2.0mm

Insulation: polyurethane, thickness 80mm

Heating: Electric/steam/direct fire heating

Head space:

Mash/lauter tank: 25% at minimum

Boiling/whirlpool tank: 25% at minimum

Cleaning: 360 degree spray cleaning ball

Process: Argo-arc protection welding

Well polished to Ra 0.4~0.6um

750mash 细节-min

Look: the mash system is running

600L brewhouse system technical parameter

High quality food grade 304 stainless steel.

Interior shell:3mm; Exterior shell:2mm.

Steam heating(electrical & direct fired is optional for small system).

304 stainless steel brewing platform and stairs.

PCL automatic control or semi-automatic controls.

Fully welded exterior shell.

All valves, gauges and fittings included.

PU insulation thickness 80mm for cooling jacket on side.

2B internal surface finish.

CIP rotary spray ball and process pipe.

Steam jacked in the bottom and side of vessel to heat the wort.

Sanitary centrifugal pump with variable speed control and water cooled bearings.

Dual zone dimple cooling jacket with glycol inlet and outlet.

Equipped with condensation stack with water spray nozzles.

750 equipment 细节-min

raker& sus operation platform& hopper& plate heat exchanger

Beer fermentation tank feature

  • Fermenters can be individually temperature controlled through glycol jackets and are mostly equipped with accessories such as overpressure and under pressure valve, water lock, CIP cleaning jet, sanitary sample valve, manhole,

  • Fermenter tank are used both for fermenting and lagering.

  • Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer. Lagering takes place after fermenting and is the time given to the beer to stabilize and age after fermenting.

  • Combining fermentation and maturation in the same vessel.

  • The cooling jacket can achieve all countries' standard, meet all kinds of cooling technology of coolant and pressure.

  • All the fermenting tanks adopt dimple plate, arch channels and fluting channel etc to exchange heat. There are many pipe lines between the fermentation tanks, such as washing pipelines, material pipelines, cooling medium circumfluence pipelines and CO2 pipeline.

  • All the fermentations were welded with imported high quality stainless steel reaching to the food sanitation standard. Inside polish 0.4um. Outside adopts the secondary smooth polishing. It can keep warm by imported PU foam with bottom cone type.


conical fermentation tanks

750FV 细节-min

sample valve, butterfly valve, breather valve, carbonation stone, mechanical regulator valve

If you are interested in beer equipment, get in touch with me freely.

Contact person: Kate

Email: kate@degonget.com

Call/Whatsapp: +86 187 6447 8001


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