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5BBL 10BBL Brewpub Used Micro Brewery Equipment Electric Free Combined Small Beer Brewing System

We can design microbrewery plants of Two / Three vessel Brew House, Fermenters, Bright Beer Tanks, Chilling Unit, CIP Trolley, Filtration Unit, Air Compressor, PRV etc and it is HMI / PLC based Semi-Automatic and Automatic Operation.
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Product Description

DEGONG brewing systems offer superior performance at every phase, from reducing the overall brew time, increased wort clarity, and hop utilization to crank out delicious beer for decades.Our services include brewery sizing, equipment layout, professional installation, system testing, technical assistance, and follow-up support. Each step of the brewing process has many options. Our vessels can be designed with versatility, allowing for the brewery functions to be combined in fewer vessels for economy, or separated into several vessels for increased capacity.

beer brewing equipment in restaurant

The six basic brewing system contains malt miller,brewhouse,fermentation system,cooling system,control system and CIP system.Brewhouse/beer mashing system and fermentation system is the most important two part in the beer brewing progress.

Beer brewhouse/beer mashing system:

The beer brewhouse is the most complex system in the whole brewing system.The whole saccharification process is divided into four steps,which is mashing,lautering,boiling and whirlpool.All different configuration are combined freely based on the four steps,such as 2-vessel beer brewhouse(mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank) or 3-vessel beer brewhouse(mash tank+lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank),steam heating or direct fire heating or electric heating..........

3-vessel beer brewhouse

3-vessel beer brewhouse

Mashing :The temperature of a water/starch mixture (usually malted barley) is raised to activate enzymes which break down the starch into fermentable sugars.

Sparging/ Lautering:The mash is rinsed through a porous barrier called a lauter-tun that allows the fermentable liquid to pass, but not the grain. This liquid is called the wort.


Boiling:The wort is then boiled to steralize it, and remove the water so that only the sugars and other components remain. Hops are added at this stage. The longer the hops boil, the more bitterness they add, but the less flavour they add.

beer mashing

beer mashing and lautering

Fermentation tank:

Without a proper fermentation tank, you won’t be able to make beer, especially not beer of a decent quality. You won’t be able to control airflow, measure gravity, remove yeast, or retrieve the beer. Thus, one of the most important tools for crafting great beer is a great fermentation tank. Fortunately, you can perform all of the tasks we just described with DEGONG fermentation tank.

fermentation tank

Tanks are consisted of: shadowless manhole, pressure relief valve, apunding valve,sample valve, pressure gauge, temperature sensor,carbonation stone,rotating racking arm, butterfly valve, solenoid valve and etc. It is the third part of beer brewing equipment for restaurant.


Other systems:

Except the brewhouse and fermentation tank,there are 4 basic system,which is malt miller,,cooling system,control system and cleaning system.Some craft breweries provide fresh beer locally,so they just need to fill beer in keg or bottles and don't need to filter and sterilizer;Some commercial used large breweries also need pasteurizer to sterilize,diatomate filter to filter,packing machine to package



If you have interest in DEGONG BEER BREWING EQUIPMNENT,welcome to contact me freely


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