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500L Professional Energy Saving SUS 304/316 Auto Beer Brewing Equipment Made in China

The Brew House is complete with all equipment. All equipment are with high standard an very simple to use. According to the requirements of different customers, the beer brewhouse system can be classified according to the following criteria.
Heating source:
Electric element brand:
Control panel:
  • DGET-500L

  • DEGT

  • 8438400000

Product Description

Our 500l beer brewhouse is an excellent small to medium brew pub system!  This 500l brewing system is easily expandable as demand grows, and is an ideal brewing system for the beginning entrepreneur, restaurateur and artisan.

Our 500l brewhouse is built to last and comes in multi-vessel configurations, with mash&lauter tank and brew kettle included.  Engineered with premium virgin 304 stainless steel and finished with a mirror polish, it is guaranteed to turn heads once your brewery doors open.  The quality of this 500l brewing system is unlike any other brewing system on the market. 


The Brew House is complete with all equipment. All equipment are with high standard an very simple to use. According to the requirements of different customers, the beer brewhouse system can be classified according to the following criteria.


Based on quantity of tank,the brewhouse can be divided into 2/3/4 vessels brewhouse.

1.2-vessel:mash/lauter tank+kettle/whirlpool tank+hot liquid tank

2.3-vessel:mash tank+lauter tank+kettle/whirlpool tank+hot liquid tank

3.2 tank 3 vessels:Combined MLT(mash/lauter tank is above of hot water tank)&HLT(hot water tank at below of mash/lauter tank)+KWT(kettle/whirlpool tank)

4.4-vessel:mash tank+lauter tank+kettle tank+whirlpool tank+hot liquid tank


Based on the heating method,the brewhouse can be divided into electric heating,steam heating and direct fire heating.

1.Electric heating is suitable for the micro brewery equipment from 100l-1000l.

2.Steam heating is suitable for commercial brewery equipment above 1000L.

3.In some area,the electric is very expensive,and the use of steam is very strict,then direct fire heating is a good choice.


Base on the material,the brewhouse can be divided into copper brewhouse and stainless steel brewhouse.

1.For commercial brewery or some beer brewing factory,most of them will choose stainless steel brewhouse.

2.For some public place,such as hotel,restaurant and brewpub....the copper brewhouse is a good choice.Red copper brewhouse can be shown and attract more customers because of its beautiful color.But the copper brewhouse is more expensive.

 red copper003-min

Of course,these just are recommended according to normal condition,all of our equipment can be customized.

There are a million different ways to configure your 5 bbl brewhouse.  Here are some of the included features:

  • Fast and easy setup

  • Advanced touch-screen controls from with remote-control capability

  • Insulated mash tun with rakes, plow and grist hydrator

  • Insulated electrically-heated brew kettle

  • Glass wort grant with automated pump controls

  • Hard piping and platform

  • Stairs with wheels for easy access under platform

  • On demand water supply control optional

beer brewhouse

beer brewhouse details

Material  Of All The Tanks

1.The raw materials is SUS304 and SUS316.Interior stainless steel 3.0mm, exterior stainless steel/luxury red copper cladding 2.0mm;

2.The polishing standard of welding is <0.6um. All of connection required turn up workmanship and all of welding seam required polishing, which is more smooth tank surface. We’re very serious about the excellent appearance of tanks.

3.Insulation layer:  Polyurethane or rockwool, thickness 80~100mm

4.Volume:  Working volume and 20%-30% additional space.

DEGONG brewing equipment

beer brewing system details

Weather you want to brew craft beer or brew commercial beer,weather you want to start a new beer brewery project or expand your brewing scale.No matter what you want to brew lager or ale,stout beer or light beer,barley beer or wheat beer,fruit beer or corn beer,low concentration beer or high concentration beer.......DEGONG brewing equipment always can meet your requirement.

If you have interest,welcome to contact me freely


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