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300L Micro distillery equipment alcohol high quality material Distillation Systems DEGONG

DEGONG offers turnkey batch distilling systems from 50L to 5000L in size. We can customize and deliver everything needed to go from grain to spirit, designed and built to your requirements.
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Product Description
300L Micro distillery equipment

We can customize stills according to your needs, with any size boiler or column diameter. The columns & condensers can be made with copper or stainless steel according to your needs.

The Picture above is of our Jacketed, Steam Heated or electric heating versatile reflux column stills distilling equipment. These Stills can be heated by Low Pressure Steam Boiler or by our optional Electric Heating System.

This type of still is versatile and multi-functional, great for Gin, Rum, Brandy, Moonshine, Vodka and Whiskey.


Combined stainless steel and copper 300-500L distilling systems

This Still comes standard with:

Pot Materials: Stainless steel 304, Copper, or Stainless steel 304 and copper combined

Different types of gin basket

Bubble Cap Plates Column, Column can be stainless steel, copper or glass

Column Diameter: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” or customized according to your requests

Each Plate has a sight glass window, drain valve

Copper or Stainless Steel Dephlegmator

Bypass piping and 3-way valves

Agitator with long heavy blades for mash cooking

Explosion proof motor, can be CE, UL, CSA approved

Low pressure steam jacketed heating or electric heating system

Large glass manway

Variety of customized copper whisky head

Large size Tube and Shell Condenser, stainless steel or copper

Pressure Relief Valve and pressure gauge for inner boiler and jacket

PU insulation  

Tri Clamp Butterfly Valve on the drain

CIP in the pot, whisky head, columns, dephlegmator and condenser

Stainless steel or copper parrot

Bolt to the Floor Stainless Table Stand or Stainless Column Stand for the Condenser.

Mirror Polish Inside

Swirl pattern outside, satin finish outside or mirror polish

CIP pump

Copper spirits safe is optional

Coil type condenser is optional

Spirits storage tank is optional

Triclamp or DIN connection is optional

750 DIS细节2-min

Copper helmet/onion

750 DIS细节2-min

Alcohol distilling column

Material  copper
Size 300L
Shape dish top and bottom
Jacket with PU insulation
agitator,ex-proof motor,spray ball,pressure gauge,relief valve...

Industrial-level alcohol distillation systems from 300L to 3000L. The component includes the following:

Still Pot (copper cladding, heated by either electric or steam jacket, full-size glass manway

Red Copper Gooseneck

Gin gasket (copper, 3mm thick wall, quick opening manway with copper sleeve basket inside)

Copper column (3mm thick wall, 12 copper bubble plates. CIP ball / drain valve / sight light)

Dephlegmator (copper, 3mm thick)

Condenser column (copper, 3mm thick)Spirit safe (copper and glass)

Support base (stainless steel, including water tank and product tank)

CIP Connection


Distillery components

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In our excellent collection of brewing equipment, we offer our clients premium quality Microbrewery Equipment. This brewery equipment is well-manufactured by the use of premium quality components, basic material and sophisticated technology. 

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