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3.5BBL 400L Beer Brewery Equipment for Mashing System with Electric Heating for Sale

Our 3.5 bbl electric brewhouse is a great choice for smaller brewpubs, or those who want to have many different beers on tap. Both the brewhouse and fermenters can be half-batched, making only 3.5 bbl, so it’s easy to make small amounts of beer to keep brands turning over at the bar. Since this brewhouse is electric, there are some cost and space savings since no boiler is needed.
brewhouse combination:
Heating method:
  • DGET-3.5BBL
  • DGET
  • 8438400000
Product Description

What is a Brewhouse?

Brewhouses are comprised of several key pieces of brewing equipment. The mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, and whirlpool, the brewmaster convert grain that has been milled through a grain mill, into sweet liquid called “wort”. Wort is subsequently fermented and finished in fermenters and bright beer tanks. 

The brewhouse is both the heart and engine of the brewery where several critical processes in the creation of craft beer is performed. Brewhouses, along with other key pieces of brewing equipment, vary in capacity, features, and complexity, but all brewhouses share the need to wet grain, separate the wort from the grain, and boil the wort with a heating source.


3.5BBL beer brewhouse for reference

Beer mashing system feature

Constructed of SUS 304; Brushed outer shell

20%~30% head space

Insulation: polyurethane

Thickness of insulating layer: 80mm

Interior thickness: 3mm, Exterior thickness: 2mm

Heating: Steam, Electric or Direct fire.

Mechanical agitation and raker system: frequency control

Top mounted manway, sight glass optional

Cleaning: 360°rotary spray cleaning ball

False bottom: V-Wire False Floor Included in Lauter Tun – virtually guarantees consistent wort flow

Liquid-level with scale connection pipe

Condensate outlet pipe at kettle

LED light fixture

Thermowell for temperature,PT100 Temperature Probe.

Safety combination.

Plate Surface protection, ribbon polished on welds.

Touch screen panel and PLC program

Semi automatic or automatic control with electronic or pneumatic buttlefly valves

Stainless steel brewing platform & integrated stairs or ladder with adjustable foot pads for platform leveling

With all matched valves and accessories.


Hot water tank and cold water tank for optional in special combinations

Wort Grant

750mash 细节-min

the mashing system is running




two stage plate heat exchanger


operation platform

750BW 细节2-min

beer brewhouse pipe connection details

If you are interested in beer mashing system, get in touch with me freely.

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