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200L Home Brewing Copper Beer Equipment Brewhouse for Sale

DEGONG provides complete beer brewing solutions, including: malt processing system, brewing room system, beer fermentation/storage system, cooling system, cleaning system, control system, and package line.
  • DEGONG-200L


Product Description

200L Home Brewing Brewhouse

Selectable brewery parts
  • Malt Hopper

The malt mill, also known as the barley crusher, allows you to crush barley or "grind grains". Both the starch conversion process and the activation of enzymes require broken grains. Using a set of rollers, the barley enters the malting mill and is crushed to the required coarseness to form grains. Some malting plants are manually operated, while others are motorized.

A hopper can be installed above the malt mill to contain and feed grains. Hoppers are measured by the amount of grain (in pounds) they can hold. The grain is then mixed with wine (a term for brewing hot water) in the filter barrel to make a mash.


  • Steering plate and transfer pump

The turning plate is used to transfer the wort from the mash/filter barrel to the brewing kettle and then into the fermentation tank. The transfer pump is used to pump beer from the fermentation tank to the service/bright tank. In addition, you can also use a delivery pump to pump a cleaning solution through your brewing system to disinfect it.

  • Filter (DE or plate type)

Filters and funnels are used to filter the remaining yeast and sediment in the beer before transferring them to the serving/bright tank. Although not all beer needs to be filtered, it does provide a clearer product and extend the shelf life of the beer.


  • Oxidation and aeration system

Oxidation and aeration systems are used to inject oxygen and carry out the anaerobic respiration process of yeast to promote the fermentation process.

  • Service container with bright tank

The beer is transferred to the aging vessel, where it is carbonated and precipitated. From here, beer can be bottled, bottled, refrigerated and served.


200L copper brewing equipment

What is the best heating method for craft beer?

When considering how to buy a craft brewery, a major consideration is the heating method you choose for your facility. Most breweries usually use electricity or gas solutions to heat the vessels. A power system is more efficient and cost-effective in the long run, but requires a larger initial investment.

Based on your current budget and needs, the supplier should be able to help you choose the ideal heating solution.

  • Gas

Lower initial investment

Easier to set up and move

Options include propane and natural gas

Need careful monitoring to ensure safety

  • Electrical

More energy efficient

Includes options for timing system

Save certain boiling settings

Quieter and safer-no possibility of gas leakage


Copper distillation equipment

Do you now know how to buy a craft brewery? Let me do the part of your quotation. Submit a request for a free quotation, and we will provide you with information according to your needs.


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