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2000L Industrial Used Professional Beer Brewery SUS304 Complete Set of Brewing Equipment And System for Making Beer

DEGONG are Industrial brewery equipment manufacturer and supplier in china. As a professional brewing equipment manufacturer,all of our beer equipment can be customized according to customer’s different requirement.And we have professional design team and installation&construction team, can provide the most professional advice to customers based on their real condition.
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  • DGET-2000L

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  • 8438400000

Product Description

DEGONG have been engaged in craft brewery equipment and commercial large brewing system in many years.And have delivered many sets of brewery equipment in Europe,American,South American.....Many potential clients have visited these factories to learn from the experience of building a craft brewing factory, and visit high-level beer brewing equipment, whether it is the entire mash system, fermentation system, CIP system, cooling system, sterilization and filling system, the raw material processing system, the back-end packaging system, the entire control system, and the pipeline installation system are all first-class in the industry. Only first-class brewing equipment can produce first-class beer. This is the voice of many customers in the industry.


Composed of a complete 2000L brewery equipment  

2000L brewing system specification equipment list is as follows:

Mash tank – grist hydrator, agitator, frequency drive, bottom and side with steam jacket

Lauter tun – false bottom, rake system, sparging, rake speed adjustable

Brew kettle- steam jacket 

Whirlpool tun-tangent inlet

VFD Control wort pump/hot water pump/agitator/raker

4000L HLT and CLT

Stainless steel 304 working platform

Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates

Fermentation tanks/Brite beer tanks

Glycol cooling system(glycol chiller, glycol tank)

CIP system

Grain mill system(grain miller, flex auger, grist case)

PLC Siemens control system, CE/UL Rated controls and electric components

Keg washer/filler

complete brewing system

Detailed specifications of 2000L brewing system

Brewhouse configuration

2-vessel: mash/lauter tank and kettle/whirlpool tank;

3-vessel:mash tank+lauter tank+kettle/whirlpool tank;

4-vessel:mash tank+lauter tank+kettle tank+whirlpool tank;

Hot water tank optional.


Heating method Of The Brewhouse

1.Electric heating is suitable for the micro brewery equipment from 100l-1000l.

2.Steam heating is suitable for commercial brewery equipment above 1000L.

3.In some area,the electric is very expensive,and the use of steam is very strict,then direct fire heating is a good choice.

beer brewhouse

beer brewhouse details

Fermentation Tank

Jacket conical fermenter tanks/unitanks’ capacity&quantity customized;

Stainless steel material, compression resistance design, design pressure 0.3Mpa;

Working pressure 0.15Mpa, 48 hours pressure test  for both interior and cooling jacket;

Polyurethane insulation and stainless steel cooling jacket, 60 or 72 degree bottom cone;Single tank, single control.

Beer storage tank

Bright beer tank/serving tank, jacketed or non-jacketed, 150 degree bottom cone, with carbonization device assort

Glycol Cooling System  

double stage cooling, cooling system for both heat exchanger and fermenter.

fermenting system and cooling system


The Standard Of Brewery Tank

We use plasma torch to cut the materials on the soft carpet, avoid to damaging the surface of stainless steel, and then we adopt double argon protection welding.

Volume:  Working volume and 20%-30% additional space.

All of the inner surface connection using turnup workmanship and polishing round.

The normal pressure is 0.2Mpa, maximum test pressure is 0.4Mpa.

Cladding: SUS304, 2mmthickness, welding seam polishing,.

All of the welding connection polishing treatment, more smooth

beer brewing equipment process details

Material  Of All The Tanks

1.The raw materials is SUS304 and SUS316.Interior stainless steel 3.0mm, exterior stainless steel/luxury red copper cladding 2.0mm;

2.The polishing standard of welding is <0.6um. All of connection required turn up workmanship and all of welding seam required polishing, which is more smooth tank surface. We’re very serious about the excellent appearance of tanks.

3.Insulation layer:  Polyurethane or rockwool, thickness 80~100mm

DEGONG brewing equipment

beer brewing system details


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