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2000L 3000L Whiskey Vodka Rum Gin Brandy 96% Alcohol Copper Distillation Equipment

The alcohol content of whiskey, brandy, tequila or rum produced after distillation is about 90+6%. It is a multifunctional, cost-effective, clean-in-place, easy-to-maintain 304 polished and brushed stainless steel and polished copper structure.
  • DEGONG-3000L
Product Description

96% Alcohol Distillation Equipment

How to clean the distiller when you first arrive

This is a very common problem, so let us dive into the initial equipment inspection and cleaning process you need to perform before making spirits.

  • Receive your parts

When your parts arrive for the first time, you need to thoroughly inspect them. Check if your components are damaged or missing. Next, you need to make sure that the device can be set up correctly. All your gaskets should be suitable, pipes should be aligned, clamps should be suitable and snug, etc. If you want, you can use stainless steel cleaner.

If you want to give your copper parts a beautiful polish, mineral spirits can very well remove any grease on your fingertips and immediately remove discoloration during transportation. However, when you start using copper parts, slight patina will begin to appear inside, which is completely normal when steam and liquid pass through the distiller.

If you want to prevent this chemical process from happening on your copper parts, you can clean more frequently between runs.


  • Steam operation

Now that your distiller is beautiful, shiny and fully assembled, you can run Steam. We generally recommend that you charge the kettle with a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to water to remove any excess dirt and oil residue in the steam path. Don't leave your device unattended. You can use this time to introduce you to your stills and check for any leaks. If so, please tighten the clamp.

If there is a leak in places other than the three-clamp connection, please contact your distillation equipment supplier to solve the problem as soon as possible. You definitely don't want to run high-protection ethanol through a leaking system... As we have seen, this can be dangerous. Not only that, you will end up wasting your precious beer!

When you use the distiller for the first time, you should not only perform steam operation, but it is also very suitable for intermediate operation. If you are distilling the same spirits, it is not necessary, but if you are switching from whiskey to vodka, you will want to remove those strong flavors from the distilled spirits. Every time you distill, you want to make your spirits smell and taste very similar, and having a clean base at the beginning always makes this easier to achieve.


200L Household Spirits Distillation Equipment

  • Sacrificial run

Now that your steam run is completed, you’ll want to do a sacrificial run to push hot ethanol through your system to kill off any remaining bacteria. You can do this first run with a sugar wash, which is a super standard and cheap option.  

This will not render a drinkable finished product, hence the name “sacrificial” run. If you don’t have any contaminated distillate, that’s awesome but we still would recommend that you DO NOT drink it. Now that your still is properly sterilized, it’s time to start pumping it with the good stuff!

If this article didn’t answer any of your questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can point you in the right direction when it comes to cleaning your still.



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The special attention we give in the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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