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1200L Beer Brewing System with Steam Heating Stainless Steel Conical Fermentation Tank for Sale

Our product includes a variety of large,medium and small brewery equipment, hotel, bar home-brewed beer equipment,teaching experiment etc. We supply brewing of main and auxiliary raw material, technical training, secondary equipment and control equipment, of course, can customize according to customer required special specifications design, production, installation of equipment and other products. Our brewhouse system separated to 2 vessels, 3 vessels, 4vessels and 5 vessels, capacity from 100L to 20000L, use electric, steam heat or direct fire heating. Semi-automatic control and easy to operate.
Element brand:
  • DGET-1200L

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

1200L beer brew equipment overview

  • Brewhouse combination is flexible according to your needs and daily work shift.

  • The more brewing tanks, the continuous batch to batch brewing is easier to achieve.

  • Hot water tank is optional, which could help heat the hot water and store the hot water come from heat exchanger after cooling the wort.

  • Fermentation tank quantity will depend on beer daily output and beer fermentation cycle.

  • Bright beer tank also is a option, the function is store and Add CO2 in general. If you want save cost, we could add a carbonation stone for fermenter, then it named " Unitank".

750 套图-min

Heating method beer brewhouse

The heating method 1200L beer brewhouse is steam heating. For a steam heated beer brewing system, the steam boiler is the necessary unit in the brewery equipment. Then how to do the maintenance of the steam boiler will help us to make better brewing?

1. The boiler water must be softened water that meets the standard. Before maintenance of the steam boiler, we must turn off the power supply and release the pressure in the steam boiler.

2. It must be drained every day to ensure the water quality in the steam boiler is clean.

3. Check the operation status of key components such as power transmission line, water pump, control panel, pressure switch box, safety valve, etc. If there is any abnormal operation, we must find the cause in time and repair.

4. The boiler shall be internally cleaned every six months or one year to ensure its working efficiency and service life.

5. The water level gauge should be kept clean at all times and rinsed once a day to ensure that the water level is clearly visible.

6. Rotate the handle of safety valve once a day to prevent rust failure.

7. When the boiler stops running for a long time, the power should be cut off. The water in the boiler and pipeline should be drained to prevent freezing and rusting.

8. Regularly tighten the connecting screws on the heating tube and the nuts on the flange.

9. Keep an normal inspection the accessories of steam boiler by listening, smelling, watching, and touching. If any abnormalities are found, immediately turn off the power and repair.

750 BW -min

1200L beer brewhouse system

750 false bottom-min

false bottom: ≤0.7mm, detachable

750 mash 细节-min


1200L fermentation tank feature

  • The main material of craft beer fermentation tank is stainless steel

  • An upper stainless steel dished head, the lower conical or dished bottom head to facilitated the discharge of yeast, 100% TIG welding, clean and polish;

  • inner wall thickness 3mm, heating preservation polyurethane foam, insulation thickness of 60-100mm, the thickness of the outer foreskin 2mm;

  • Cleaning the inner surfaces of the craft beer fermentation tank, polished to 0.4μm;

  • Configuration the appropriate standard models sanitary clamp type connector according to the specifications of the tank;

  • Configuration the vacuum valve / pressure relief, pressure gauge, thermometer, sampling valves, lifting ear, side or top of the manhole, a full range of cleaning equipment CIP nozzle 360° for the beer fermentation tank;

  • Double glycol cooling takeover import and export, the refrigerant jacket is welded honeycomb Maitreya plate;

  • With liquor outlet valve shaft

  • Standard clamp-type hops added port;

  • Electronic thermometer sensor interfaces.

750 FV2-min

If you are interested in beer equipment with steam heating, please feel free to contact me directly.

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