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10BBL Beer Making Machine for IPA Stout Professional Suppliers Craft Mashing System Online

We can supply small type craft beer and large type beer group,Food grade stainless steel material,automatic laser cutting and welding ensure the high quality of products ,besides ,the advanced equipments of adding material and hops,sampling and inspecting level can not only satisfy the regular lager brewing techniques ,but also meet the most popular ale techniques in the market such as IPA,PA,STOUT.
Control method:
fermentation tank manhole:
  • DGET-10BBL

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

Mashing system description

The main parts of the equipment in this system are made of stainless steel reaching international standard level. With German method, the outside of hotel beer brewery equipment can choose red copper material with better practicability and decoration. The equipment adopts the advanced technology of numerical control plasma, laser cutting line and pure argon gas welding,it can achieve to aseptic. And it can transit heat and save the energy maximally according to steam following principle with the applying of dimple plate jacket technology. It keeps the suifficance of equipment as the same to the temperature in the house for applying of the imported polyurethane.

The whole equipment and the layout of pipelines looks very beautiful without the dead corner. It can be operated easily and has stable function . Besides there is a special cap on the boiling tank for safety improving the safety and the level of automation. The levelness of the major parts can be adjusted without dropping, leakage,bubbling and steam leaking.



Accessories of brewhouse system

Operation platform:

Sus304 anti-slip grating, safe, beautiful and easy to clean.

Plate heat exchanger:

Stainless steel two stage

Mash tun manhole:

Full size visible manhole, good looking appearance, no leak and easy to observe.

False bottom:

Stronger supporting to fix down the false bottom to meet beer brewing standard.

Spent grain door:

Large spent grain door, reliable sealing, with hopper, easy to make the spent grain out without ground pollution.

750 BW 细节-min

750 糖化细节-min


Fermentation system description

We can support you all kinds of beer equipment range from100L to 20000L. we can also design according to your request. All fermenting tanks were welded with the imported high quality stainless steel reaching to the food sanitation standard. The inside polish <0.4UM, the outside adopts the secondary smooth polishing. lt can keep warm by imported polyurethane with bottom cone type. The cooling jackets of fermenting tanks adopt dimple plate, arch channels and fluting channels etc to exchange heat.There are many pipelines between the fermenting tanks such as washing pipelines, material pipelines,cooling medium circumfluence pipelines and Co2 pipeline.With the help of PLC auto-control system, the equipment can reach to automatic and semi-automatic control. This guarantees the accuracy other process parameters and experimental results. Inside and outside polish to satisfy sanitary standard.

750 FV-min


Accessories of fermentation tank  

Breather valve:

Plus and minus pressure protection, ensure the tank safety.

Rotary spray ball: clamp rotary spray ball

Hops dosing:

Fermenter equipped hops dosing port which can meet IPA beer brewing process technology

Mechanical regulator valve:

Safe, stable and reliable

Stainless steel sample valve:

Clamp connection, easy sampling, no dead angle

leveling pad:the screw hole type bottom base, supporting safe and strong


750 fer 细节图-min2

If you are interested in beer brewery equipment, please feel free to contact me.

Contact person: Kate

Email: kate@degonget.com

Call/Whatsapp: +86 187 6447 8001


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