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1000L stainless steel 2 batch per day brewing beer equipment in stock

A mash tun converts the starches in crushed grains into sugars for fermenting. Most mash tuns have a false bottom and sparge arm so the sparging (or lautering) process can be performed in the same tank, thus extracting the sweet liquid called wort. Insulated Mash Tuns, which are highly recommended, help reach and maintain a consistent temperature while avoiding the potential scorching that can arise from a heat sources such a gas burners or electric elements.
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Product Description
1000L craft brewery equipment

Whether you are interested in starting up your very own brewpub or microbrewery, or are current individual producers of great tasting beer or even looking to make your very first beer product, we have the beer brewing equipment for you. 

Specialist beer brewing equipment

Making a success of a brewery, microbrewery or nanobrewery can be testing with varying factors to account for but, with the very latest cutting edge beer making equipment on your side, the challenge is made all the more doable. Using equipment built by our  factory has several key benefits such as affordable price options – semiauto control to, where necessary, full automation, for example. The Engineers at DEGONG have many years of experience and can tailor all requirements to the need of the customer.


Brewing beer brewhouse

For small and medium-sized breweries, we have the following configurations for you to choose from, of course, if you have special requirements, please contact me, we can all customize the tank for you.

Brewhouse configuration:

2 vessel:mash/lauter tun and boiling/whirlpool tun;

3 vessel:mash/lauter tun,boiling tun and whirlpool tun;or mash/boiling tun,lauter tun and whirlpool tun;

4 vessel:mash tun,lauter tun,boiling tun and whirlpool tun;

If you would like to deliver brewing efficiency,a hot water tank will be accessible(the same size or double)

The heating method can be electric,gas,steam to choose for kettle.

Breweries are complete kits of commercial equipment for beer production with capacities from 1000 to 8000 liters per day which include all the necessary parts: brew houses, fermentation CCT and storage BBT departments, water treatment, cooling, heating, filtration, disinfection, filling, pasteurization, bottling lines, labelling machines, tap towers, control systems, pumps, pipelines and etc…


Fermentation tanks fitting

Rotating racking arms are an integral part of any fermentation system involving conical fermenters or brite tanks. Typically found in the bottom cone of a cylindroconical fermentation tank, the racking arm is rotated slowly downward drawing off clear liquid until the fine sediment of yeast begins to trickle through. Our bestseller is the 60 degree arm, but we have 90 degree racking arms available for smaller tanks where you can insert the elbow.

This pressure gauge can be used while pressure fermenting or pressure transferring. The main function is to monitor the pressure in the fermentation tank in real time during fermentation.

Carbonation Stone, a device used to diffuse carbon dioxide into beer. It may be made of naturally porous stone, porous ceramic, or finely sintered stainless steel.


Brewery equipment in the factory

Vacuum relief valves are used in pressure tank applications to automatically allow air to enter into the piping system to prevent vacuum conditions that could siphon the water from the system and damage tank equipment.

The pressure vacuum valves are devices designed to protect tanks against rupture or implosion due to possible inside pressure variations due to the operations of fill or emptying or severe termic variations.

This middle-sized (10H –80 hl/day) professional brewing equipment is well suited for restaurants, bars, pub and also can be placed in a separate manufacturing for contract beer productions, selling at taprooms, retailers or specialised selling points.

Full related service: training, installation, launching, technology introduction and other.


Brewing beer process

Carbonation, filtration, bottling & capping

Once the brewery is planned and even up and running, you will need to think about bottling, canning, kegging, filtration and labelling. These are the general final stage processes to make your beer stand out. Whether you are carbonating or making a traditional flat ale, our bottling machines can be achieve fully automatic isobaric fill, which require very little labour to run. 

When it comes to final stage filtration for sterility and bacterial protection of your product, we can also provided with partner in domestic manufacturers . For any filtration requirements, please get in touch. Our beer making equipment is made from high-quality materials, generally stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 306, that are easy to clean and durable.

Contact Alice today

Microbrewing, craft brewing or commercial large brewhouses, we have the equipment, supplies & install engineers. Looking to find bottling lines and tanks for sale we have that covered.

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