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1000L Copper Helmet Distillation Equipment Distillation Tower Vodka Distillery DEGONG

The DEGONG continuous still can be sized according to your current needs to provide you with greater flexibility to expand production as your distillery gains traction and development. We will point you in the right direction so that you can start to take advantage of continuous distillation.
  • DG-1000L


Product Description

Copper Helmet Distillation Tower

Copper helmet and distillation cap

There is something magical about installing shiny copper components on your distiller, but there are many options for adding copper to the steam path. There is a big debate about how much copper there is on the distiller. Some people think that anything lower than the traditional 100% copper is still a kind of irony, while others want to use other materials to reduce costs. We will focus on two devices that can add copper to the steam path: copper helmets and distillation caps (also known as cones or copper swan necks).


What are copper helmets and copper swan necks?

Each piece of equipment is located on the top of the kettle and affects the batch distillation of spirits in various ways. When it comes to copper helmets and copper swan necks, the two options have a lot in common, but there are some differences that will affect the taste of the final spirits.

The copper helmet provides more headspace and surface area, which respectively help prevent any foam from clogging the work and increase passive return. Passive reflux helps increase ABV and provide a purer final spirit. The angle at which the Len arm detaches from the copper helmet or distillation cap also affects the passive backflow of the system. As a general rule, a downward angle will send more congeners and heavier flavors to the product condenser, while an upward angle will send less congeners and provide a lighter flavor to the product condenser.


Copper Helmet Distillation Tower

Copper helmet and copper swan neck: what is the difference?

The main difference between the two pieces of equipment is that the copper helmet acts as an expansion chamber, similar to a copper onion. This forces a pressure drop to help separate the more volatile components. As with passive recirculation, this is a small difference, but in theory it should help achieve better separation. In order to retain more flavor congeners during each run, batch distillation is somewhat inefficient in design. In order to achieve higher efficiency, the column is still a better choice... but part of the distillation process is figuring out what process will bring your favorite taste in the final product.

Aesthetics is subjective, but it can be very important. Taste always comes first, but you will be the one who takes care of the still, so it may also be what you want to see. Part of keeping your equipment in top condition is keeping it clean. Make sure that any part you add is something you can handle, doing a good scrub from time to time. Both shapes of equipment shouldn't be so difficult to clean, but if you get a smaller version or are very creative with the pipes, cleaning may be fun.

After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the type of distillation equipment that anyone needs to use. Part of the fun of distillation is to use different equipment, recipes, and often modify the process to get a great flavored spirit.


Copper swan neck distillation tower

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