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1000l 1500l 2000l Stainless Steel Fermentation Vessel Conical Fermenter Beer Fermentation Tank

Beer fermentation tank is used for the fermentation of beer and wine storage. The fermentation tanks mainly undertake the product production tasks.
DEGONG fermentation system are designed specifically to meet unique and diverse brewing requirements. our industry-leading fermenters are available ranging in size from 100L-10000L.
Certified stainless steel material. all tanks and jackets inspected and pressure. we can customize fabricate and tank to meet your brewery's space and height restrictions.
  • DG-2000L


Product Description

Stainless Steel Fermentation Vessel

The fermentation tank size can make according to clients needs.

The cooling jacket usually have two ways, channel jacket or dimple jacket, the better way is use dimple jacket, our tanks use dimple jacket for better cooling effect.

The manhole location can be put in the top or near bottom, consider the cooling effect, the top manhole is the best way. If use side manhole, our manhole is shadow less manhole, better for clean, have no dead cone.

Standard Configuration
Function Wort Fermentation or maturation
Tank Capacity 2000L (+25% Headspace minimum)
Dimension Φ1560mmx3100mm
Interior Shell SUS304 full welded; TH=3mm
Exterior Shell SUS304 full welded; TH=2mm
Interior Finish Overall polishing to 0.4~0.6 μm without dead corner
Insulation Polyurethane; TH=80mm
Glycol Jacket Dimpled plate on cone and side
100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
Stringent tank leakage test by water and pressured gas
Stringent Jacket leakage test by water and pressured gas
Dished head and 60 degree cone bottom
Sanitary side mounted manway
CIP arm with 360° coverage CIP spraying ball
CO2 blow-off arm with butterfly valve
Full sanitary sampling valve
Mechanical relief valve 2 bar on CIP arm
Shockproof pressure gauge on CIP arm
Rotating racking arm and port on cone with butterfly valve
Tri clamp discharge arm with butterfly valve
Thermowell for high accuracy temperature sensor
4pcs completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling pad and legs support
Complete valves, fittings and all parts



DEGONG 2000L fermentation system

The 20HL 3vessels steam heating commercial beer brewing equipment is a good reference for providing customized solutions for beer equipment.

The advantage of this kind of brewery is that the brewing is flexible and the specially designed and customized brewery system can meet the different needs of brewmaster for brewing batches. Free consultation on beer equipment.


DEGONG 2000L Commercial Brewing Equipment

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The special attention we give in the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.



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