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1000L/10HL Copper Whiskey Gin Distillation Equipment Distillery Supplier Manufacturer

The distiller is a separate device designed to meet and exceed the needs of start-up distilleries, or as an advanced test distiller for mature distilleries of whiskey, gin, fruit brandy, rum, and wine spirits. It is possible to produce vodka with additional vodka pillars.
  • DEGONG-1000L


Product Description

Copper Whiskey Gin Distillery

Product description

This unit is composed of a pot, a fractionator and a condenser composed of copper, glass and copper columns, and is heated by steam or electricity.

Can provide a complete distillation process system, including mash barrels, fermentation tanks, wine storage tanks, wine tanks, etc.


1000L distillation equipment
  • Tank capacity parameter 1000L

  • Steam heating method

  • All use Tri-clamp and flange connection; easy to install and clean the equipment after operation.


500LRed Copper Electric Alcohol Distiller

Components of the distiller for 1000L distillation equipment
  • Capacity 1000L, explosion-proof stirring motor, all glass manhole

  • Helmet copper whiskey helmet

  • Pillar Copper A total of 16 pieces

  • Condenser column made of copper, shell and tube type

  • The support base is made of SS, and the water tank and product tank are used as the support base

  • Distillation pot: inner full copper pot, outer steam jacket insulation layer, outer fish scale polished, full glass manhole view, stirring with agitator on the top.

  • Column board: copper foam board, operated with a valve on the side, CIP ball inserted into each board for cleaning, and operated with CIP pipes and valves on the back.

  • Bottom collection tank: The water tank collects condensate water and uses CIP to clean it, the alcohol tank is collected directly from the parrot, and the bottom is connected to a water pump.

  • Blister: Composed of blister, drain pipe, bubble plate, red copper screw, bubble tee (we have stainless steel 304 and red copper optional)

  • Control panel: The material of the control box is stainless steel 304 or plastic optional;

  • Applicable voltage: 208/220/240V single-phase 60Hz, heating temperature can be adjusted by module.



It can ensure that you get the functions of distilled whiskey, brandy, gin and vodka.

More distillation systems can be customized
  • 200L distillation equipment

  • 300L distillation equipment

  • 800L distillation equipment

  • 1000L distillation equipment

  • 1500L distillation equipment

  • 2000L distillation equipment


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