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1000L Superior Quality Food Grade SUS304/316 Commercial Used Brewery Equipment for Beer Brewing

The turnkey brewery equipment are equipped with 2/3/4 combined beer brewhouse and modern professional equipment for beer production like conical beer fermentation tank or open fermentation vats, automatic cooling system, cleaning and sanitizing system etc. It is possible to use them to production of all known types of beer......
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  • DGET-1000L

  • DEGT

  • 8438400000

Product Description

The turnkey brewing system includes milling, mashing system, fermentation system, cooling system, CIP and control system.Every system is indispensable and variable.In other words, the system with same size has thousands of different configurations.

For example, the mashing system can be two vessels or three vessels or four vessels, heating method can be electricity, steam and direct fire.The fermenting tank’s quantity is base on customer’s brewing plan,and  the fermenting tank parameters can be customized according to your needs, etc..

Beer brewhouse

The beer mashing is a crucial step in the whole brewing process.Mashing is to convert the starch in malt into sugar under the combined action of a certain temperature and time, which is finally fermented into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast. The various enzymes in the malt play different roles, and the temperature control affects the effect of the enzymes, which in turn affects the ratio of fermentable and non-fermentable sugars in the final wort, and ultimately the beer body you get.


The saccharification system is commonly called brewhouse or mashing system. The whole brewhouse contains four functions,which is mashing,lautering,boiling and whirlpool.These functional tanks can be combined to 2-vessel,3-vessel and 4-vessel brewhouse based on your cost,space and output requirement.

2-vessels brewhouse with "mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank+hot water tank

3-vessels beer brewhouse with“mash tank+lauter tank+boiling whirlpool tank”

4-Vessels beer brewhouse with“mash tank+lauter tank+boiling tank+whirlpool tank” 

Electric heating/steam heating/direct fire heating

beer brewhouse

Standard features include:

  • 304 SS or 316LSS or copper.

  • 30% head space at least for each tank

  • Motorized mash mixers, lauter rakes and spent-grain plow

  • ABB Siemens motors/pumps on the whole system

  • Stainless steel process piping, work cabinet and control cabinet

  • Siemens/Schneider/Omron electric element

  • Grirst hydrator bowl with hot/cold liquor blending

  • Sight level indicators on fermenting system.

  • Insulated with a minimum of 100mm Chloride-Free PU Insulation.

  • Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.4 μm without dead corner

  • Adjustable Levelers provide a level tank regardless of floor slope; 

Beer fermentation tank

Fermentation is the conversion of fermentable sugars under the function of yearst in wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide

The fermentation stage is roughly divided into the high-speed yeast propagation period, the vigorous fermentation period, the stable fermentation period, the mature period and so on. During this period, at least it should be protected from light and oxygen, and if possible, it is best to achieve constant temperature fermentation.

47390758_22 750-min

Beer Fermentation Tank with cooling jacket, insulation and cone bottom. Beer fermentation tank can be individually temperature controlled through glycol jackets and are mostly equipped with accessories such as over-pressure and under pressure valve(PVRV), CIP arm, sanitary sample calve, manway, etc,

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Temperature measuring and control system

Temperature control is crucial in the fermentation process. Inaccurate temperature control may produce a large number of byproducts that affect the beer taste, so the fermentation process requires a professional refrigeration system to control the temperature in the fermentation tank


  • The measuring and control system for temperature regulation in tank is buit-in the cooler.

  • The machine is fitted with two digital thermometer. The first thermometer allows to control the temperature in a glycol water tank. The second thermometer is connected to an external sensor and is used to adjust the temperature in the tank with beverage.

  • When the temperature changes, the circulation pump will automatically start. After reaching the desired temperature, the circulation pump automatically shuts off .

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