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Wort Grant And Wort Collection Rings

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Wort grant

The wort grant also be called buffer tank. For big capacity beer system, add a wort grant to the brewhouse system is necessary.

In general, in the lautering process, the wort will be transferred into kettle tun by the action of pump. So for big capacity beer system, sometimes, It will compact the lauter tun false bottom and causing a stuck runoff. Aside from being a large pain, the stuck runoff can also damage the wort pump because magnetically coupled pumps can be damaged if run dry. On the contrary, after adding a wort grant, In the lautering process, the wort in the mash/lauter tun will flow into the wort grant by the action of gravity. So it can achieve the goal of lautering smoothly and avoid above problem.

Wort collection ring

For big capacity beer system, add a wort collection ring to the mash/lauter tun is necessary.

The wort collection ring is equipped below the mash/lauter tun, which can give four wort outlet in the bottom of mash/lauter tun. Without wort collection ring, there are only one wort outlet. So the only one wort outlet will bear whole pressure from spent grain, it will make partial collapse of spent grain. Collapsed spent grain will pollute the wort and effect the lautering result in some way. If there are four wort outlet to share the pressure of whole spent grain, it will not occur the collapse problem.


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