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Wholesale Beer Brewing System Single Head Keg Filling Machine Stainless Steel Material

Easy to control, with a single filling and pressure working system. The controller uses SIEMENS LOGO. The buttons and knobs use Schneider. The machine has a simple counting function to let you know how much you have filled.
  • Single Head Beer Keg Filling


Product Description

Single Head Beer Keg Filling

Details of keg filling machine:

The small barrel filling machine is mainly composed of a frame, an electrical control system, a filling system, a CO2 filling pressure and a pressure holding system. Features are as follows:

1. Stable and reliable performance, high work efficiency, specially developed and designed for various types of beer preservation containers (stainless steel barrels, plastic barrels, etc.). It can also be used for filling various beverages.

2. All procedures are automatically controlled by the German SIEMEMS programmable controller, and all technical parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

3. Independent separation of electricity, gas, and pipelines avoids the short circuit of appliances caused by condensate caused by low ambient temperature, and is convenient for maintenance.

4. Using anaerobic filling technology to ensure the purity and taste of beer.

5. The performance of the pressure holding system is stable and reliable, and the alcohol damage is the lowest among similar products.

Automatic filling and stopping

The beer keg filling machine contains a beer sensor, and when the keg is full, the beer will enter the overflow pipe. When the sensor detects it, the machine will automatically stop and give an audible and visual notification, and the filling head will be reset at the same time.

Filling barrel counting function When the machine completes a filling and informs the user, it will also be recorded in the system. The user can read this information through the digital monitor on the control panel.


Technical parameter

Optional gun type: S/D/A/G type.

Beer conveying connection: DN25 three clamps

Beer loss rate: <5‰

Net weight: 120KG

Applicable barrel: 5L-50L

Production capacity: 60-80Barrels/H as 20L)

Power consumption: 110-240V 50Hz 100W/H

Filling procedure: Press-CO2 pressure backup-filling-stop

Controller: Siemens

Electrical components: Schneider

Pneumatic components: AIRTAC

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