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What are Brewery Floor Drains?

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What are brewery floor drains?

Brewery floor drains are the plumbing fixtures that are installed in the floor of a brewery, and that are used to collect, convey, and discharge wastewater. Brewery floor drains are typically made of durable materials, such as stainless steel or polyethylene, and are designed to withstand harsh brewery conditions like high temperature, high pressure, low pH, and harsh chemicals.  Brewery floor drains are an absolutely essential part of the brewery’s plumbing system, and are necessary for maintaining the cleanliness, the safety, and the efficiency of the brewery.

Brewery floor drains typically consist of a grate, a body, a sloped pitch (so water flows in the proper direction), and a drain outlet. The grate is the opening in the floor, through which the wastewater flows into the body of the floor drain. The body of the floor drain is the chamber that is installed below the floor, and that is used to collect and convey the wastewater. The drain outlet of the floor drain is the connection to the brewery’s plumbing system, and is used to discharge the wastewater to the sewer or to the treatment system.

Brewery floor drains are typically installed in the areas of the brewery where wastewater is generated, such as the brewhouse, the fermentation area, the bottling area, and the cleaning area. Brewery floor drains are usually installed in the middle of the floor, and are spaced at regular intervals, depending on the size and the layout of the brewery, and on the type and the volume of the wastewater that is generated. Brewery floor drains are typically installed by plumbing contractors, and are inspected and maintained by the brewery’s staff, in order to ensure that they are functioning properly and not clogged or damaged.

Brewery floor drains are an important part of the brewery’s sanitation and safety program, and are used to prevent the accumulation of wastewater on the floor, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants — and can pose a slipping hazard for staff and the customers. Brewery floor drains are also an important part of the brewery’s environmental program, and are used to prevent the discharge of wastewater into the environment (which can pollute the water, the soil, and the air, and can cause damage to the ecosystem).

By considering the benefits of brewery floor drains, you can evaluate the value and the necessity of these fixtures in your brewery, and you can make informed decisions about the installation, the maintenance, and the replacement of the floor drains in your facility.


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