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Water Chiller Industrial Chiller 8.5L for Laser Engraver 0.9A Current Recycling Chiller

The CW-3000 series is a professional cooler designed with reference to the international advanced cooling system, and is suitable for machinery requiring small water-cooled cooling devices. 8.5L cooling water tank capacity, complete the water flow and ultra-high temperature alarm function. The built-in cooling fan for effective ventilation ensures its high heat dissipation capacity.
  • CW 3000 Industrial Chillers


Product Description

CW 3000 Industrial Chillers

Product parameter

 The CW-3000 industrial chiller has a capacity of 8.5L and 10L/max. Flow rate, 50W/℃ cooling.

Efficient cooling fan

The water-cooled chiller adopts a professional forced air-cooled radiator, which has strong heat dissipation capacity and is not easy to be blocked. The internal high-speed fan quickly removes heat. The water inlet and outlet of CW-3000 are made of anti-corrosion brass, which can prevent any leakage problems and extend the service life.

Precision thermostat

 Equipped with precise temperature control, the temperature can be adjusted as required. Real-time temperature monitoring ensures that you can accurately monitor the working status of industrial chillers.

Multiple alarm functions

This professional laser chiller has multiple early warning protection mechanisms such as water flow, high and low temperature alarm, compressor delay protection, and compressor overcurrent protection.

Multiple applications

The CW-3000 series of professional industrial laser chillers are suitable for cooling the CO2 glass laser tubes of laser engraving and cutting machines below 60W/80W.

Note: This product can only be cooled to room temperature and has no cooling capacity.

Product Description


8.5L large capacity cooling box, stable performance. Equipped with a precision scale, water can be added according to the scale.


Built-in professional forced air-cooled radiator to quickly take away heat. The high heat dissipation capacity determines that the chiller is not easy to be blocked.


This laser engraving machine chiller has a variety of protection and early warning functions, such as water flow, high temperature, low temperature alarms, etc. These measures can protect the machine from overheating and prolong its service life.
The rubber handle is very durable and reliable. Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold, save time and effort, and improve work efficiency.

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