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Things to Consider for Outdoor Breweries

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Too much business is a good problem to have.  Many craft brewers found themselves in this position over the last 10 years, as craft beer volume experienced double-digit growth each of those 10 years.  When you're ready to expand your capacity, there are countless options to consider, including some choices that could prompt a marketing refresh.  Here are five things to think about if you are considering expansion outside.

Outside Seating

The easiest use of outdoor space is patio seating.  This not only allows your customers to enjoy your beer in the great outdoors, but also frees up much-needed brewing space inside.  Roof top seating also adds distinction to your business while utilizing an often unused portion of a building.  With the outdoor space you could consider options like a beer garden or outdoor tasting room.  Live music could come into the mix as well.

Distinct Appeal

With a new space comes new opportunities to develop your brewery’s distinct culture or marketing approach.  Outside seating could lead to special opportunities like allowing the patio to be a pet-friendly environment.  Adding some classic outdoor games to your space could also promote a friendly interactive environment - think bocce ball or shuffleboard. Sand Volleyball, anyone?  However you chose to use your outdoor space, make sure it aligns with your brewery’s culture.

Feature Your Equipment

If you are getting new brewing equipment, you may find the tanks fit better outside.


Not only that, but you can use this equipment as a show piece.  Feature a grain bin in your roof seating area.  This will give your brewery an aesthetic appeal while serving a purpose. You could also place your grain silo outside near an entrance or focal point. This will grab the attention of those who pass by while also making it easy to get grain in and out of.

Also consider an outdoor Unitank, as featured here. It can serve as a fermenter and a bright tank.  Plus, it's a great way to save space and increase capacity.  By combining aesthetics and practicality you can use your space in a more efficient way.

Get Help

There are so many aspects to juggle when planning a brewery expansion.  Find long-term partners who understand the business and can help you navigate the ups and downs of outdoor brewery expansion.  An expansion consultation can bring fresh eyes to your operation and save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

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