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The ideal CIP system

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For the nano or micro brewery, the CIP system is always very simple, caustic tank and sterilization tank. Of course, it is workable and reasonable. After all, the capacity of nano and micro brewery is not very large, which is easy to clean thoroughly. But for industrial brewery, >=5000L, the ideal CIP system should have 5 tanks, caustic tank, acid tank, bactericide tank, sterilization water tank and recycle sterilization water tank.

1.Caustic Tank

The caustic tank is used to store the caustic liquid. Normally, this tank must be heated, electric or steam, so the caustic liquid can be heated to a certain temperature to remove the organic contaminant.

2.Acid Tank

The acid detergent can be nitric acid etc, which can remove the beer stone formed on the exterior shell.

3.Bactericide Tank

The bactericide tank is used to store some bactericide with a certain concentration.

4.Sterilization Water Tank

The sterilization water is able to wash the bactericide remained in the tank, which can improve the sterilization of tank further.

5.Recycle Sterilization Water Tank

This tank is mainly used for recycle the sterilization water for prewashing other tanks.

Besides, the pump, the feeder of acid& caustic&bactericide&sterilization water and filter should also be added in the CIP system.


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