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Supply 1000L Fermentation Tank Stainless Steel Brewery Tanks Conical Fermenter Polyurethane Near Me

The material is stainless steel 304, Stainless steel 316L can be choosed for special request. Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer.Lagerings takes place after fermenting and is the time given to the beer to stabilize and age after fermenting.Stainless steel fermenters can be individually temperature controlled through glycol jackets and are mostly equipped with accessories such as overpressure and under pressure valve,CIP cleaning jet, sanitary sample valve, manhole,etc.
Control method:
fermentation tank manhole:
  • DGET-1000L
  • DGET
  • 8438400000
Product Description


In order to make these fermenters look neat and beautiful, all aspects has been handled carefully by workers.

750 FV-min

750FV 套图 正面-min2

front view

750FV 套图 背面-min2

back view

The back is very smooth and tidy.The 304 stainless steel we use is strictly in accordance with national standards. We only use the stainless steel of the big company big brand. 316L is optional.

750 FV 侧视图 2-min2

Side view

In order to make the fermenter stronger, we added stainless steel support between the four legs.

Details of fermentation tank 

750FV 细节-min

750 FV细节-min

Plug type sampling valve
After countless experiments and years of use, we finally determined that this sampling valve is called our standard accessory.
Good sealing and a comfortable handling feel are its greatest features.

Carbonation stone

In order to achieve a good CO2 content for beer in a short period of time, we designed a carbonation stone and port to meet the needs of most winemakers.

Racking arm

Beer racking rotating arm. The horizontal design is its biggest highlight.

Legs Welding

We dare not say that we have the best welding workers in China, but we do have a high demand for the personal qualities of welding workers. Therefore, their welding technology is also very remarkable.

If you are interested in fermentation tank, please feel free to contact me directly.

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