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Stainless Steel Plate And Frame Filters for Precision Filtration in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Stainless steel plate and frame filter is also called plate and frame filter, precision filter, precision filter press, purification filter, sterilization/sterilization filter, clarification filter press, activated carbon filter, stainless steel particle filter press, semi-precision Filters, multi-layer plate and frame filter presses, laminated precision liquid filters, etc.
  • Multi-layer Plate Frame Filter


Product Description

Multi-layer Plate Frame Filter

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The plate and frame filter adopts a stainless steel multi-layer plate filter press, which is suitable for sealing and filtering liquids with a concentration of less than 5%, low viscosity, and low slag content to meet the requirements of purification, sterilization and clarification.

The microporous filter membrane is directly selected, and the purpose of sterilization and filtration can be achieved without passing through the microporous filter.

The stainless steel plate and frame filter is a product that can use different filter media to achieve coarse filtration, fine filtration and ultrafiltration. The use of ultrafiltration filter media can achieve the purpose of clarification and sterilization.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of silicon rubber, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, non-toxic and high temperature, good sealing performance and long service life.

The product has novel structure, beautiful appearance, flexible movement, convenient operation and durable. This product has compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


Precision filtration or sterilization filtration of liquids in large hospital preparations, large infusions in pharmaceutical factories, oral liquid production, liquor, rice wine, beverages and chemical, electronics, environmental protection and other departments


The suspension enters the filter chamber with the help of a pump. Under pressure, the filtrate passes through the filter layer and membrane or other filters, and then is discharged. And the solid part is kept in the chamber to achieve a monthly ration.

Product parameter

Model Layer Filter   area(m2) The size  of filter  material (mm) Filter  precision  (μm) Filtration  pressure (Mpa) Water  flow (t/h) Motor  power (kw) Overall  dimension (mm)
100 10 0.078 100 0.8 0.15 0.8 0.55 600x300x600
150 10 0.17 150 0.8 0.15 1.5 0.75 650x380x650
200 10 0.34 200 0.8 1.5 2 1.1 650x400x700
300 10 0.7 300 0.8 0.15 4 1.1 700x500x800
400 10 1.25 400 0.8 0.15 6 1.1 900x600x1000
400 16 2 400 0.8 0.15 9 1.5 1000x600x1000
400 20 2.5 400 0.8 0.2 10 1.5 1100x600x1000
400 32 4 400 0.8 0.3 13 2.2 1320x600x1000

Other filters and separators in our factory can also be used for solid-liquid separation, for your reference



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