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Stainless Steel Fermenter for Production of Beer AISI 304/316 Storage of Beer for sale

We are a traditional Chinese producer of stainless steel fermenters for production beer. We produce also fermentation tanks for the production other similar isobaric beverages. We offer mainly tanks for production of beer, storage of beer, isobaric bottling into kegs or bottles and for other handling with beer. All tanks are produces of food stainless steel (AISI-304 or AISI-316 according use parameters).
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Product Description
Customized Beer Fermenter 

Degong professional fermenters are made from stainless steel as it is easy to clean and can be reused almost indefinitely. They all have a valve at the very bottom of the cone which can be used to remove sediment, and also drain the finished beer for bottling or kegging when done. Most also have a second port higher on the cone which can be used to draw samples of beer for measurement or tasting.

750 FV-min

 Fermenter details

Inner cylinder thickness : SUS304, 3.0mm

Outer cylinder SUS 304, thickness is 2.0mm

The inside of the tank adopts Pickling passivation treatment

Miller board Dribbling is welded outside the inner cylinder & cone for cooling

Cone angle :60 degree,72 degree, 75 degree

Using polyurethane insulation, the thickness is 80mm

At the bottom there is an wort port

Rotation sampling and the beer opening at the lower part of the tank

At the top section, there is a 360-degree exhaust and CIP port

0.3MPa safety valve

Pt100-platinum resistance temperature measurement

Side man door

The CIP tube is equipped with a carbon dioxide release valve

Four support legs ,the height is adjustable

750FV 细节-min

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