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Stainless steel beer keg appearance identification method

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The stainless steel beer keg is non-toxic and harmless, and its high temperature resistance is particularly good. However, some customers report to us that the methods of identifying their appearance are very complicated, and they cannot do it alone. In order to reduce a series of complicated things, here are a few simple methods.

Method 1: Identify the stainless steel beer keg after pickling

  • The surface color is silver and white: the chrome nickel stainless steel is silver and white, the jade color;

  • The chrome stainless steel color is slightly grayish, and the gloss is weak;

  • The surface color of unpickled stainless steel: chrome-nickel steel is brownish white, chrome steel is brownish black, and chromium manganese nitrogen is black (these three colors refer to the color with heavy oxidation).

  • Cold rolled unannealed chrome-nickel stainless steel with silver-white reflective surface.

Method 2: Iron and stone identification Magnet can basically distinguish two types of stainless steel

  • Chrome stainless steel can be attracted by magnets in any state;

  • Chrome nickel stainless steel beer barrels are generally non-magnetic in the annealed state, and some may become magnetic after cold working.

  • The high-manganese steel with higher manganese content is non-magnetic;

  • The magnetic properties of chromium-nickel-nitrogen stainless steel are more complicated: some are non-magnetic, some are magnetic, and some are non-magnetic in the longitudinal direction and magnetic in the horizontal direction.

The purpose of identifying the appearance of a stainless steel beer keg is simple. It is to see if the quality of the products made by the manufacturer is over, and whether the material is doped with other things. Is n’t our original intention to buy something like this? Buy good products and reduce future troubles.


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