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DEGONG Stainless Double Layers Hot Water Tank Large 6000L

The hot water tank produced by our factory adopts a fully enclosed structure and uses high-quality stainless steel. It can be stored aseptically according to user requirements and aseptic equipment. It is the most ideal storage device for storing mineral water, pure water and other liquids.
  • DEGONG-6000L


Product Description

6000L Hot Water Tank

The design of the so-called aseptic water tank is designed according to actual requirements, which can ensure that the water will not be contaminated by secondary pollution during storage and can separate clean water and sediment. To remove the sediment in the water tank, just open the drain valve at the bottom. No need to clean up manually. The use of water tanks is very wide, especially for some water storage industries. It has a good water treatment function and can prevent water pollution. The storage capacity is relatively large. 304 stainless steel is generally used.

The water tank uses a relatively new manufacturing process in the production process. There will be no laces and contaminants in the water tank. It has good hygiene standards. In the production process, every piece of stainless steel is reasonably designed. It can make the pressure in the water tank very uniform, and the sealing performance is also particularly good, which can prevent dust particles in the air from floating into the water tank. The main reason is that the volume of the water tank is not only large, but also lighter in weight. Compared with concrete, it is one twentieth of his. The appearance is simple and beautiful.



Total capacity 6600 liters

Insulation diameter 1850 mm

Weight 450 kg

Heating element input power 6000 W

Pumping unit input power 1800 W

Total height 3910 mm


Oval manhole 340*420 mm

Inlet and outlet armature DN 32

Negative piezoelectric armature DN 32

Overflow armature DN 50

Float valve DN 32

Expansion vessel 28 liters

Water pump 95°C 360W, 230V, 50 Hz, Hmax 35

Pump pressure switch

Armature discharged into sewage DN 25

Pipe connection for water inlet

Pipe DN32 – connection G1“

Pipe connection for pump suction

Pipe DN32 – connection G1“

Pipe for overflowing

Pipe DN50 – connection DIN11851

Vessel drain

Pepi DN32 – connection G1“

Pipe connection for sanitation

Pipe DN32 – connection DIN11851

Socket for level sensor G1/2“

Sensor not included (MAVE)

Socket for level sensor G1/2“

Sensor not included (MAVE)

Thermal sensor G3/8“



Unit control

Manhole 321x456mm

Electric spirals – heating elements

6 x 6kW


Regulation presure while draining

Circulation pump

Homogenizing the hot water


Applicable industry

Hotels, clothing stores, building materials stores, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food and beverage plants, farms, restaurants, household use, retail, food stores, printing shops, construction engineering, energy and mining, food and beverage stores, advertising companies

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