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Semi-automatic Beer Bottled Rinser Filling Machine Capping Machine for Sale

The machine is manufactured of stainless steel and food-friendly plasts of different thicknesses.Construction is on four lockable wheels for easy transfer of the machine.Three phases of bottling process in one compact block with a steel base on wheels. Rinsing + filling + closing with crown caps
  • DG-6 heads


Product Description

Semi-automatic Filling Machine

1st section : rinsing the bottles

  • Six rinsing positions

  • Rinsing six bottles in the same time (in standard)

  • Rinsing six cans in the same time (only with optional equipment)

  • 1st rinsing cycle (in standard) : one-way water

  • 2nd rinsing cycle (only with optional equipment) : recirculating solution (for example alkaline sanitizing solution)

  • 3nd rinsing cycle (only with optional equipment) : one-way water (for example sterile water)

  • 4rd rinsing cycle (only with optional equipment) : recirculating solution (for example sterilizing solution based on alcohol)

  • 5th rinsing cycle (only with optinal equipment) : sterile air (drying the bottles)

2nd section : filling the bottles (or cans)

  • Six filling positions

  • Isobaric filling of carbonated beverage into six bottles in the same time (in standard)

  • Gravity filling of non-carbonated beverage into six bottles in the same time (in standard)

  • Filling beverages into glass bottles (in standard)

  • Filling beverages into PET bottles (only with optional equipment)

  • Filling beverages into aluminium cans (only with optional equipment)

  • The filling process takes place automatically, the operator only has to place all the bottles on the supports and remove them in the end of the process

  • Pre-evacuation (only with optional equipment) : First the single or double pre-evacuation of oxygen is carried out inside the empty bottles, by means of an external vacuum pump

  • At the end of the bottle filling process, the pressure compensation occurs between the bottle and the isobaric tank, and the beverage flowes up to the level of the level devices.

  • The type of deflector installed determines the correct flow while measures a level through the walls of the bottle.

  • The level of product inside the bottles is determined by the interchangeable devices depending on the capacity of the bottle and the level height required.

  • In the last phase, the bottles are de-pressurized, controlled by an opening and closing timer in order to gently release the pressure and avoid extremely foaming.

  • The controlled creation of a foam avoid entering of the oxygen in the bottles before they are closed.

  • By modifying the depressurization times, the operator can set more or less foam.

3rd section : capping the bottles

  • Single or double capping head with a crown caps sorter & with automatic feed of crown caps to the capping head

  • With the double head capping system you can close two bottles at the same time

  • Closing the bottles with steel crown caps (in standard version)

  • Closing the bottles with plastic or aluminium screw caps (in optional version)

  • Closing the aluminium cans with aluminium lids (only with optional equipment or in optional version)

  • Designed to closing of all types of the bottles – square, round, special shapes (with optional equipment)


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