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Red Copper Craft Beer Studio | Craft Beer Equipment From DEGONG

It can be said that the "craft beer boom" is made by major beer manufacturers. If you like beer, there may be many people who have been to the brewery, but if you brew your own beer, the places you can experience are limited. This small craft beer equipment can satisfy the fun of brewing your own beer at home.
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Product Description

Red Copper Craft Beer Equipment

Production process

Choose hops to determine bitterness and flavor. "Hops" determine the bitterness and flavor of beer. There are many types of hops. Hops seem to be more bitter the longer they cook, but on the contrary, the aroma will fly away, so it is said that hops should be taken in 3 doses.


Granulated hops


8 kettles (saccharification pot and boiling pot)

First, put the crushed malt into the hot water in the "saccharification pot" and adjust the pot temperature while stirring with a wooden spatula. Raise the temperature to 65-67°C.


By maintaining the temperature at which the enzymes can easily act, the starch contained in the malt is decomposed by the enzymes, "saccharified" and turned into sugar. If the temperature exceeds 67°C, the enzyme will die, please pay attention!

Next, in order to equalize the contents of the pot, the "wort" is taken out from the bottom of the pot and returned to the pot about 3 times in a "circulation" operation.


Cover the lid of the kettle and let it sit for 40 minutes to "saccharify".

Raise the temperature of the kettle to 80°C, stop the action of the enzyme, heat it, and repeat the "circular" work again.

The "circulation" is about 10 minutes. After filtration, the wort separates from the distiller's grains, and the wort gradually clarifies. The color of beer is finally approaching.

After filtering, move the wort to the next "boiler".


The amount of wort put into the "boiler" is only the amount to be added

At this time, the first wort flowing out of the "saccharification pot" is called "a pan of wort". When the wort in the kettle is almost used up, rinse the distiller's grains with hot water to extract the second wort, the third wort, and so on. Pour hot water on top to make the taste stronger.


Pour boiling water into the remaining malt lees in the "saccharification kettle".

When the wort is ready in the boiling pot, it starts with bitterness and taste. The previously selected "jump" will be placed in 3 times.


Heat the wort to 100°C, add the "bitter hops" after confirming the boiling, if you continue to boil for 20 minutes, the second "fragrant wine" will be added, and after 10 minutes, the third "fragrant wine" and coriander will be added. After 5 minutes, add orange peel, stir in one direction, and let stand for 15 minutes. Finally, the wort is cooled to 20°C to complete the preparation.


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